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365 Grateful Project: Hailey Bartholomew at TEDxQUT (Transcript)

But I was not seeing it because I was not looking. And it completely changed my view of how I see people, particularly him.

And through the project he just continued to do beautiful things not even thinking about it. Everyday he would drive somewhere, he would always hold my hand as we drove. He would sing our daughters to sleep with a ukulele.

And if I rang complaining one day, when he was at work: “Our house is too hot, we have no air-conditioning,” he would arrive with ice-cream.

And it really made me reevaluate our relationship and what my expectations were, and opened my eyes to who he was.

Actually, at the end of the project someone interviewed us. And they ask Andrew: “What did you notice that was different within your relationship with Hailey?

And he said: “I feel like I am enough for her now.”

And that hit me hard, I’ve been married to him for 8 years at that point. And I was so sad that it had taken me eight years to see him. To see all the beautiful things he was doing for me every single day.

But I’m glad that I got there in the end, and I’m grateful for this project.

The other thing I noticed was nature. And it was so unexpected. But nature just spoke to me, so much. The color red that would shine just so differently if the sun was on it. When my daughter would put beautiful little flowers in my handbag; or mint, the smell of mint is amazing. It’s beautiful.

All the way weeds would dance when you drove pass your car. The wind would blow them. Or dandelions; I like dandelions all over my backyard. I think they are beautiful.

And all these little things started to make me feel so like I was blessed. I’m so lucky to be here, to see those little gifts. A beetle flew onto my daughter shirt one day in a car park. You could see she’s absolutely thrilled about that.

But I was amazed, she had this beetle. It was like a piece of jewelry. It was amazing, and it stayed there long enough for me to take a photo, and she’s like, “Get it off, get it off!” And I’m like, “Stay still.”

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Anyway, other thing I learned was about parenting. I had really felt like this was the most boring job I have ever had. And it was long, and there were lots of food, and lots of nappies, and things that were boring like dishes.

And people would always say: “What have you been up today?”

And I was like, “Don’t ask me.”

But this project showed me what a delight and an honor it was to be in their company. To be with them, as they, you know, offered to take my hand.

We were singing so loudly in the car as we drove pretending to be candy cans. Loosing their two front teeth. It is my privilege that I got that time with them. And I started to see that right when I was with them.

I’m so grateful that I, while they were still little, that I saw what a gift it was.

One of the amazing things about this project is that it kind of spread like wild fire. I had a magazine article, and it was online and few people started to write and tell me their own stories with their grateful projects.

It’s been a complete honor to have that. And this particular person is Amy Guill. She and I become good friends.

But she wrote to me an email one day, not long after she had given birth to twin daughters. And one of them, 24 days later died of a heart complication. And I would like to read to you a piece of her letter to me.

And Amy knows that I’m reading this.

“The next few days were hard. I had to pick myself up and keep going as I had Anabella, 3 years old, and Penny who needed me. And I was so lost. It was funny though because, for some reasons, your article kept coming back to me. I dug out the magazine, and I looked at it again. I checked out your website. I decided that this was how I was going to cope. Instead of looking at what I’ve lost, I was going to focus on what I gained. And be truly grateful for having Rosie in our lives even for such a short time.

In her 24 days, she had taught me more than I learned in a lifetime. I was grateful for the chance to hold her, to feed her, to bath her, and tell her that I loved her. No longer would I take the small things for granted in my life. Life is too short, and I’ve decided that each day I will count my blessings and so, my grateful project “Count your blessings” begin.

And now, I’ve taken 73 blessing photos, and I’m truly grateful for them. The project has gotten me through such a hard time. Yes, I still have my moments of sadness, but I’ve so many moments of joy. I’ve chosen to be happy. And this week I’ve been looking back at my album and reflecting on where I’ve come from.

And I want to thank you, Hailey, for being an inspiration. For you, I am truly grateful. Amy.”

And I cannot tell you what a honor it is to be part of someone’s story in that way. Amy really, really reminded me that even in the hard things in life that we can choose to be grateful, that we can find the most amazing treasure in the most awful things.

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You really do find what you are looking for. And in my life, when I have had hard times and things go wrong, I really found that gratefulness has helped me to learn the most I can possibly learn and appreciate everything that’s happening, and to find the gold in the mud.

And now I really… when I looked back on my project and actually my life, I see delight, I see beauty, I see a life I’m incredibly rich and grateful for. It isn’t that I own a house, it isn’t happiness outside of me, it is within me.

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