3D Systems’ CEO Avi Reichental on What’s Next in 3D Printing (Transcript)

Not everybody knows how to use CAD, so we’re developing haptics, perceptual devices that will allow you to touch and feel your designs as if you play with digital clay. When you do things like that, and we also developed things that take physical photographs that are instantly printable, it will make it easier to create content, but with all of the unimagined, we will also have the unintended, like democratized counterfeiting and ubiquitous illegal possession.

So many people ask me, will we have a 3D printer in every home? I think it’s the wrong question to ask. The right question to ask is, how will 3D printing change my life? Or, in other words, what room in my house will 3D printing fit in?

So everything that you see here has been 3D printed, including these shoes at the Amsterdam fashion show. Now, these are not my grandfather’s shoes. These are shoes that represent the continuation of his passion for hyper-local manufacturing. My grandfather didn’t get to see Nike printing cleats for the recent Super Bowl, and my father didn’t get to see me standing in my hybridized 3D printed shoes. He passed away three years ago.

But Chuck Hull, the man that invented it all, is right here in the house today, and thanks to him, I can say, thanks to his invention, I can say that I am a cobbler too, and by standing in these shoes I am honoring my past while manufacturing the future.

Thank you.

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