A Crash Course in Organic Chemistry: Jakob Magolan (Transcript)

This is a rich science. I left out a lot today: phosphorus and sulfur and the other atoms, and why they all bond the way they do, and symmetry and non-bonding electrons, and atoms that are charged, and reactions and their mechanisms, and it goes on and on and on, and synthesis takes a long time to learn.

But I didn’t come here to teach you guys organic chemistry – I just wanted to show it to you, and I had a lot of help with that today from a young man named Weston Durland, and you’ve already seen him. He’s an undergraduate student in chemistry, and he also happens to be pretty good with computer graphics. So Weston designed all the moving molecules that you saw today.

He and I wanted to demonstrate through the use of graphics like these to help someone talk about this intricate science. But our main goal was just to show you that organic chemistry is not something to be afraid of. It is, at its core, a window through which the beauty of the natural world looks richer.

Thank you.


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