Activating Your Potential for Greatness: Fabienne Fredrickson (Full Transcript)

If you could have achieved greatness within your current comfort zone, you would have already. This is about stepping out of the familiar; this is about being slightly uncomfortable and daring to be courageous even though perhaps no one else is believing in you.

Number 8: Expect. Expect greatness, expect results even when what you want is not showing up. I have a mantra that I would like for you to adopt as well.

The mantra is, on a daily basis, “I am positively expecting great results no matter what I see in front of me. I know that the Universe is rearranging itself for my best interest right now.”

You say this all the time, and you are doing two things: one – you’re allowing yourself to be in this place of positive expectation that changes your personal vibration and allows good things to come into your life, but you’re also asking for divine guidance.

And what I’ve learned about people who create great things in the world is that they never do it alone. There is always some form of divine guidance at play.

Those are the eight activators that begin to move you into your potential for greatness. You see, you were born with a purpose, on purpose, for a purpose. And the way to achieve that purpose is to activate the great oak that is within you.

It is to say “yes” to something that you feel is bigger than you. This is about denying the smallness, denying the part of you that feels inadequate and perhaps not worthy or deserving or that you don’t have what it takes.

On your journey to greatness, there will be forces and people pulling you into believing that you are not that great after all, you are not that special. But there will be signs and happy coincidences and occurrences that will tell you otherwise.

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Choose wisely. Believe in your potential. There is a reason why you are here. There is a reason why you were given these gifts – not to hoard, not to hide. All of those experiences, all of the trauma that you may have experienced, all of it was for a reason. You have been shaped for greatness. And so it is a choice, and you have free will.

Now, between living a vanilla life, as I call it, a mediocre existence, and one in which you feel alive and on purpose and you live a life of meaning and fulfillment every day knowing that because you were here, other people’s lives are different, that is truly magnificent.

In fact, you are magnificent, and I urge you to embrace your magnificence. Do so knowing that the world will never be the same since you walked this earth.

Thank you.

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