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Addicted To Likes: Poppy Jamie (Full Transcript)

Full text of entrepreneur Poppy Jamie’s talk: Addicted To Likes at TEDxHollywood conference.

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Poppy Jamie – Founder of ‘Happy Not Perfect’

Who has checked their Facebook today? Yeah, good number.

I have checked my Facebook, I’ve checked my Instagram, my Twitter, sent a few vines, and I’ve updated my Snapchat 14 times. And this is what I uploaded. No, definitely didn’t upload that; no no no no no, this is what I uploaded.

Yes, after I had filtered, cropped, and edited it, and then thought for an hour about my caption, hashtag blessed.

Yes, I am a self-confessed social media junkie. This thing, the extension of my arm, I can’t get away from. My social life beats on here 24/7, and my work is totally dependent on it.

But it was only after I bumped into a lamppost for the sixth time, after I was walking and texting, did I really begin to consider how extreme my and my generations tech-obsession has become.

I’m pretty sure if I do get married, Siri will be doing the speech at my wedding.

Technology has completely altered the nature, quality, and quantity of our social interactions. Never before in the history of mankind have we been this exposed to so much personal information about our friends, family, acquaintances, and even strangers.

Our digital identity is arguably more important than our physical one, because that’s what we’re being judged on first. Who’s online stored someone before meeting them, trying desperately hard not to like that Instagram photo from three years back. They want to include these things; they’ve begun to matter more than ever.

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