Angela Ceberano: Be The Warrior, Not The Worrier – Fighting Anxiety & Fear at TEDxBedminster (Transcript)

But now the way that I approach fear is different. I take on fear like a warrior and for me this has given me unlimited opportunities and also unlimited happiness as well.

So speaking of happiness, I want to speak about my husband for a moment. Now this is my husband. His name is Phil and he is a professional musician and he’s a great guitarist and he plays to thousands of people in his professional life. But outside his work life he’s like a professional hobbyist as well. He has so much stuff going on in his life from surfing to cooking to gardening to fishing. This guy has it all going on. And my husband is the happiest person that I have ever met and it can’t just be because he married me. I’m sure that plays a really big role in his happiness but that can’t just be it.

And so when I look at my husband’s life I realize that, hang on a minute, he’s conquering fear on a pretty big level, almost every day. In his professional life he goes out there and he plays guitar to thousands and thousands of people. But in his personal life he is also attacking fear too. I mean the things that he does would freak me out. I mean he’d go surfing and he’s a karate expert. And so I took inspiration from my husband and I thought, OK, I’m going to get myself a hobby and I want my hobby to address some of the fears that I’m having in my own life as well. And so I refer to this as my fear project. And I created a hobby and addressed one of my fears.

So what was my fear? What was I scared of? Well, one of the things and there’s lots of things that I’m scared of but just one of the things that I was scared of was being in front of a camera. And for me again this is funny because in my professional life that’s what I do for a living. I put other people in front of the camera. I put the spotlight on everybody else that I’m working with. But when it came to me, well that was a whole out of the thing.

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So I created a YouTube channel and I created a YouTube channel because it would address my fear, because I physically have to be in front of the camera. I’m my own host on my YouTube channel. And secondly, it would give me this creative outlet to get outside of my work head because I was very much within my own head and very much focused on work, work, work. And so it would give me a creative outlet to talk about something else that I was passionate about.

So what was I passionate about outside PR? Well, one of the things that I’m passionate about and I must admit I’m a little bit nervous to talk about this at a TEDx talk but it’s all about addressing your fears. And so one of the things that I’m passionate about is designer handbags. Yes, you did not see that coming at a TEDx talk, did you? No, but it is materialistic absolutely and it’s superficial, I agree with you. It is, I’m guilty of it. Some people go skiing in Aspen for fun. I don’t have time for that. So I buy designer handbags and to me they’re like little pieces of art and I love them.

So on my YouTube channel, I talk about designer handbags, talk about other things as well. I talk about fashion and travel and I do these really fun Q&A videos where my viewers write in and ask me questions, like what is it like to be a girl boss? How can you afford a $3000 handbag and how do you justify that to your husband?

So as you can see I’m really tackling the big issues on my YouTube channel. But the greatest thing in having this fear project is that it’s actually hunted one of my fears in addressing them. And this is really the idea that I want to get across today is thinking about the things that you worry about or that make you anxious and creating a project to tackle those fears head-on.

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Now my YouTube channel has had hundreds of thousands of views and that’s awesome but in stepping outside my comfort zone and attacking one of my fears head-on, like a warrior, has actually presented a lot of amazing opportunities. In fact, the reason I’m here today is because one of the TEDx organizers was a viewer on my YouTube channel. And so being here was something that I could never have imagined prior to tackling my fear.

So now the greatest thing isn’t that I have thousands of subscribers on YouTube channel, the greatest thing is that in conquering one of my fears, my anxiety levels have actually decreased and my happiness has increased across the board, not only in my professional life but also in my personal life as well. I now like to refer to myself as a fear fighter. This is really the idea that I want to share today. It’s all about creating a fear project, the things that worry you, make you anxious in your life taking them head-on and becoming a fear fighter.

When I stopped worrying about everything in my life, my life got so much easier and my life got more productive. You’ll see in this photo I’m jumping up and down on a beach looking very happy and looking very free. And this is how I feel when I’m conquering my fears. I don’t always look like this. I certainly did not look like this before this TEDx talk today. And I guess you could say that this TEDx talk has been like a fear project for me because it’s certainly outside my comfort zone. And when I feel anxious or when I feel worried I go ahead and I create another fear project. And I will probably have another 200 fear projects to go.

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