Angela Ceberano: Be The Warrior, Not The Worrier – Fighting Anxiety & Fear at TEDxBedminster (Transcript)

When I stopped worrying about everything in my life, my life got so much easier and my life got more productive. You’ll see in this photo I’m jumping up and down on a beach looking very happy and looking very free. And this is how I feel when I’m conquering my fears. I don’t always look like this. I certainly did not look like this before this TEDx talk today. And I guess you could say that this TEDx talk has been like a fear project for me because it’s certainly outside my comfort zone. And when I feel anxious or when I feel worried I go ahead and I create another fear project. And I will probably have another 200 fear projects to go.

My call to action is this: Take on fear. Don’t always take no for an answer. Create fear projects and become a fear fighter and use fear to motivate you and energize you to actually get on and do the things that you want to do in your life. Be the warrior, not the worrier.

Thank you.


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