Apple CEO Tim Cook at iPhone X September 2017 Event Keynote (Transcript)

Eddy Cue – SVP of Internet Software and Services, Apple

Thank you, Tim. It is really great to be here tonight. Apple TV 4K is incredible and it starts with two big advancements in picture quality.

First, it’s 4K. Let me show you. This is an image in 4K. It’s got incredible detail. That’s possible because 4K has four times the number of pixels as HD. But resolution isn’t everything. There’s an even bigger advancement that’s more important, and it’s called High Dynamic Range or HDR. While 4K is about the number of pixels, HDR is about better pixels. Let me show you.

Here is that same 4K image, and here it is an HDR. Look at the color, the details. Apple TV can do this, because it supports the industry standard HDR10 as well as Dolby Vision, the best HDR experience.

Now Apple TV 4K with HDR delivers the highest picture quality ever, and to show you we’ve installed a state-of-the-art Dolby 4K HDR cinema projector in the theater. So let’s dim the lights and let me show you the new Apple TV.

Now we remastered our screen savers, our customers love this to take full advantage of 4K HDR. Here we are in Dubai and even at night, you can see incredible details in the buildings and the cars on the road.

And here’s a city shot that really shows off the Christmas and sharpness that’s possible in the new Apple TV. Now we’ve redone the whole Apple TV UI in 4K. The texts are sharper, the images are brighter and more vibrant.

But let’s take a look at a 4K HDR clip. This is from the new Spider-Man movie coming to iTunes later this month. We’ve got the powerful A10X Fusion Chip. This is the same chip that’s in our iPad Pro. And the new Apple TV isn’t just slightly faster; it’s remarkably faster. CPU performance is more than twice as fast as the current Apple TV, and graphics are more than four times faster. And of course, it runs the latest version of tvOS, the best operating system for the living room.

Now to experience 4K with HDR, you also need great content. And we’ve been working with the large Hollywood studios to bring all of their 4K and HDR movie titles to iTunes. So now you’ll have the biggest releases in the best picture quality, all on iTunes, all available for the same price as HD. And if you bought one of those movies in HD from iTunes, we’re going to automatically upgrade them to 4K HDR at no additional charge.

Now in addition to iTunes, we’ve been working with leading streaming providers like Netflix to bring their 4K HDR titles to Apple TV and later this year Amazon Prime video with all of their 4K HDR titles and originals as well.

Now last year we introduced the Apple TV app, an easy way to watch your favorite movies and TV shows in a single place. It’s been available in the U.S. and today I’m happy to announce that we’re bringing it to 7 additional countries: Canada and Australia later this month and the rest by the end of the year.

Now for each country, it’s really important that we have the content that those customers know and love. And that’s why we’re adding all of these local services to Apple TV. And later this year, Apple TV will do even more, because we’re bringing live sports, so you’ll never miss a game. If you’re a huge sports fan, like I am, you’re really going to love this feature. If your favorite team is playing on ESPN, it will automatically appear right first in the Up Next List. You’ll even get notifications when a game’s about to start, or if there’s a close game so you can start watching instantly. And if you scroll up you’ll see even more games and in addition we’re bringing live news to the TV app.

Now let’s take a look at those games. As you can see, we show you the score and the time remaining to help you decide which game to watch. And if you’re one of these people who doesn’t like to know the score you can turn the feature off.

Now we also have a dedicated sports tab where you can see every live and upcoming game, and as the seasons change so will the sports tab always showing you what’s best for you. As sports in the TV app is a real game changer for sports fans and of course, the new TV app is available on your iPhone and iPad as well.

Now if you own an iPad or iPhone, there is no better choice than Apple TV. You can now share your photos on the big screen, including Live Photo effects, 4K video memories. You can play from the over 40 million songs in Apple Music, including the music that your friends are listening to. And because Apple TV is always home, you get anywhere anytime access to all of your HomeKit accessories. And of course, you’ve got access to choose from the thousands of games and apps on the App Store and with the A10X Fusion ship there is so much more that Apple TV can do.

And to see what’s possible, we’d love to show you a new game from Thatgamecompany. They’re known for making artistic and critically acclaimed games. As a matter of fact, their first game called Flower was chosen as the first video game ever to be in the permanent collection in the Smithsonian, which is very very cool.

So with that, I would love to welcome their CEO Jenova Chen.

Jenova Chen – CEO, thatgamecompany

Hey Eddy. At thatgamecompany, we treat games as an art form. Today many of us play games a lot. We believe games is a medium that can bring people together. And that’s exactly what we are going to do with our new game Sky. Together with me is my colleague Mike, and Mike, why don’t we take off?

Sky is a romantic social adventure game while you fly above the clouds to explore the wonders of a mysterious world. The game is designed to be adaptable to the most casual players. The control is simple and intuitive. Everything can be done with one finger on the Siri Remote.

Oh, hey that’s Mike’s friend Jeff and he’s asking us to follow him. Let’s see what he has discovered. Compassion and generosity are key to unveil hidden areas of the world as well as growing your character. So by lighting all the candles, Jeff and Mike was able to summon the spirit. And he’s about to teach Mike the knowledge of how to summon a magical creature.

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In Sky, we really take advantage of the powerful and new hardware. With Metal 2 and Apple TV’s A10X Fusion chip, we’re able to run the game smoothly even with these detailed clouds, intelligent creatures, and up to eight players from anywhere around the world. And let’s see if we can drop off, well, these creatures.

We don’t have time to show you everything, so we’re going to skip forward to the Dark Temple ahead. Light and dark are important themes of the game. In Sky, you play as the children of light and your goal is to bring that light to where it is needed the most.

With the light, Mike was able to free all the butterflies and together they can move on to the next part of the adventure. With a live Gabe Castro soundtrack and cinematic experiences, you can expect to be immersed in an ever-expanding world. So join hands with your loved ones and play Sky exclusively on Apple TV, iPad and iPhone this winter. Thank you.

Eddy Cue – SVP of Internet Software and Services, Apple

Thanks, Jenova. We can’t wait for you to get your hands on Sky. We’re so excited about the new Apple TV 4K. It’s got powerful hardware that delivers stunning 4K HDR video, live sports along with live news, TV shows and movies all in the TV app, and the perfect big screen companion for your iPhone or iPad.

New Apple TV 4K starts at $179. It joins the existing one. You can order it starting on September 15 and it ships just a week later. That is the new Apple TV 4K. Thank you and I’d like to turn it back to Tim.

Tim Cook – CEO, Apple Inc.

Thanks Eddy. I can’t wait for you to experience the beauty and the magic of the cinema right in your living room with the Apple TV 4K.

Next up, iPhone. Apple has always believed that technology infused with humanity can improve people’s lives and change the world. No other device in our lifetimes have had the impact on the world that the iPhone has. Nothing else has become so essential or put so much power into so many people’s hands than iPhone. It’s truly amazing how much iPhone impacts the world each and every day.

Our intention with the iPhone has always been to create something so powerful, so immersive, and so magical that the hardware virtually disappears. Over the last 10 years, we’ve reimagined or invented numerous technologies to create just that experience.

The first iPhone forever changed how we interact with technology by introducing Multi-Touch. For the first time, you are actually touching the software instead of buttons; it’s magical.

The App Store changed the way we work, play, learn, communicate, spawning new companies and new industries along the way. We took the viewing experience to places literally never seen before with technologies like the Retina Display.

We changed the way people communicate with features like iMessage and FaceTime that allowed us all to connect in more meaningful ways.

And with Siri, we used artificial intelligence to make our voices more powerful. iPhone even revolutionized security and privacy with Touch ID and our wallets with Apple Pay.

And of course, iPhone put amazing easy-to-use cameras into our hands becoming the most popular way to capture the images of our lives.

Over the past decade, we pushed forward with innovation after innovation after innovation bringing us to this moment, when now we can create devices that are far more intelligent, far more capable, far more personal than ever before. We have huge iPhone news for you today and it gets started right now.

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iPhone 8 — this is a huge step forward for iPhone. And to tell you all about it, I’d like to invite Phil to the stage. Phil?

Phil Schiller – SVP of Worldwide Marketing at Apple

Thank you, Tim. Well, good morning everyone. I am so excited to tell you all about the new iPhone 8 and the new iPhone 8 Plus. These are a new generation of iPhone improved on everything we love about iPhone. The design is all new. It has glass in both the front and the back. The aluminum band beautifully matches the finish of each iPhone 8. It comes in silver, space gray, and a beautiful new gold finish. It’s made from an aerospace grade 7000 series custom aluminum alloy. The glass has a seven layer color process making sure it is a beautiful precise hue. And the glass is further reinforced by an internal laser welded steel and copper structure. We’re so excited because this glass is the most durable ever in a smartphone.

iPhone 8 and 8 Plus is also microscopically sealed for water and dust resistance. And they have a new Retina HD Display in each model. It’s a 4.7-inch Retina Display in iPhone 8 and a 5.5 inch in iPhone 8 Plus.

Now, Apple Retina Displays are renowned for their incredible color accuracy and they have great wide cinema quality color gamut. We’ve built in our 3D Touch technology into the display and for the first time in iPhone display, it has our True Tone technology. Now with True Tone, it adapts the color, temperature and intensity to the ambient light around us.

Along with the displays, iPhone 8 and 8 Plus have new stereo speakers as well. The 25% louder than the speakers in iPhone 7 and have a deeper bass too.

And this is pretty incredible. Inside iPhone 8 and 8 Plus is a brand new chip, and this is a breakthrough performance in a mobile device. We call it A11 Bionic. This is the most powerful and smartest chip ever in a smartphone. The 64-bit design, 4.3 billion transistors, six core — it is so awesome, it has two high performance cores. They are 25% faster than the high performance cores and the previous industry leading A10 chip. It has four high efficiency cores — they’re up to 70% faster than the ones in the A10 chip. They’re managed by our second-generation performance controller that now can use all six cores at once, can deliver up to 70% improvement in multi-threaded workloads.

And they have our first ever Apple designed graphics processing unit or GPU. This is a three-core design; it’s 30% faster than the graphics in the previous A10. And the GPU is designed to accelerate 3D apps and games, especially those that use our new Metal 2 framework. And the GPU also is incredible for machine learning apps and those kind of tasks get a big speed up if they use our core machine learning framework too.