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Apple CEO Tim Cook Keynote at WWDC 2016 (Full Transcript)

Well, oh, look I got a message from Bryan here. Let’s take a look at this. He says, we’re placing an order for lunch after the keynote and we can see he’s doing that actually within iMessage app. So he has used DoorDash and he is placing an order at Curry Up Now. So you just tap in and see what’s going on. Now there is a group cart that we’re all collaborating on through the iMessage apps, I am going to look at that. Looks like Phil has ordered the Naughty Naan and Joe has ordered, Bryan has ordered. Well so I can put in my order, I am going to go for this deconstructed samosa. That looks pretty good and I’m sure Tim would like one as well. And well, it would be rude if we ate in front of you guys without getting you some. So we’ll just up this up a little bit here and we can just add that to our cart like this. And then drop it right in the Messages and a fortune that Bryan will be paying for this.

So a final thing I’d like to show you with iMessage apps are these really fun interactive kinds of apps. And one example is JibJab. So let’s jump right into JibJab here. We see there are whole bunch of fun things. You can scroll through and see the options. I can also, of course, select from a gallery of faces. Let’s pick Eddy maybe. And I can just drop him in to the transcript. Just like that. And I think this gives you the sense of the power of iMessage apps in iOS 10.

So this is the new Messages. It’s, of course, fantastic on your iPhone. All of this is available to you on your iPad as well and your Mac and your Apple Watch can receive all of this interactive content as well. So that’s Messages, part of 10 huge features in iOS 10. But of course, there is so much more that we can’t have talk about right now but I can’t help myself but mention just a couple more things, like Notes Collaboration. You now can work live with multiple people in the same Note. Conversation View in Mail, so you can scroll from message to message in a single thread on your iPhone and iPad. Live Photos are better than ever; we have digital video image stabilization. So they’re buttery smooth and they’re editable now as well. And finally, Split View in Safari and iPads, you can fit two websites side by side in Safari on your iPad.

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Now iOS 10 is a fantastic release for our users. It’s also a gigantic release for our developers. When you think about it, experiences like the Lock Screen with notifications, the Phone, Maps, Messages, every major area of iOS now open to developers and so many other options. But you know, all of this great work in iOS 10 would be meaningless to us if it came at the expense of your privacy. And so in every feature that we do, we carefully consider how to protect your privacy. With apps like FaceTime and Messages and HomeKit, we make sure to use end-to-end corruption by default and always to protect your communication.

And when it comes to performing advanced deep learning and artificial intelligence analysis of your data, we’re doing it on device using the incredible power of the silicon on your iPhone and your Mac, keeping your personal data under your control. And when you do do searches of the Internet maybe for a route in Maps, or search for information in Spotlight, we don’t build any user profiles.

Now of course, one of the important tools in making software more intelligent is to spot patterns on how multiple users are using their devices. For instance, you might want to know what new words are trending, so you could offer them up more readily on the QuickType keyboard.

Well, differential privacy is a research topic in the area of statistics and data analytics that uses hashing, subsampling and noise injection to enable this kind of crowd sourced learning while keeping the information of each individual user completely private. Now Apple has been doing some super important work in this area to enable differential privacy to be deployed at scale and we brought in the professor and researcher who literally co-wrote the book on differential privacy for a quick peek at what we were doing. And he described the work as groundbreaking. He went on to say that incorporating differential privacy broadly into Apple’s technology is visionary and positions Apple as the clear privacy leader among technology companies today.

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We believe you should have great features and great privacy. You demand it and we are dedicated to providing it.

So that – well, actually there is one more thing. We are so excited about everything you’ve just seen with iOS 10. We couldn’t help ourselves, we made a video. I’d love to show it to you now. Let’s do it.

[Video Clip]

And that is iOS 10. All of you developers get the developer preview today and again we’re doing a public beta this July. Sign up now at beta.Apple.com and to let you know when you can download it. And iOS 10 will be available to all of our users this fall as a free upgrade across all of these devices. That is iOS.

Now I’d like to hand it back to Tim. Thank you very much.

Tim Cook – CEO, Apple Inc.

Thanks, Craig. iOS 10 is fantastic and it’s an enormous release. I couldn’t be more proud and more excited about the incredible advancements across all of our platforms.

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