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Apple CEO Tim Cook Keynote at WWDC 2016 (Full Transcript)

Bethany Bongiorno – Director of iOS software program

One more time.

Imran Chaudhri – Director of the design team

What do you say? Bam always looks good. I really do use it all the time, don’t I?

Bethany Bongiorno – Director of iOS software program

Yeah. OK, so there we go.

Imran Chaudhri – Director of the design team

You know what our friends are always late to the game every year.

Bethany Bongiorno – Director of iOS software program

That’s true.

Imran Chaudhri – Director of the design team 

Looks like they’re playing in San Francisco and as you might expect with a band like that sold out, now Bethany sent over an effect with invisible ink. This is fantastic but when you want to keep something as surprise which it looks like you may have. So now to reveal the contents, all I have to do is use my finger to swipe away the particles. Let’s have a look. Bethany, you got us to kids, always coming through, always coming through. Seems like everyone else agrees. I’m going to show my appreciation by sending some big emoji here. Make sure I put myself in there. And to close things off, let’s do this with a full screen effect. We’ve got some lovely ones here like lovely balloons, swipe over to confetti. But I’m going to go with this one.

Bethany Bongiorno – Director of iOS software program

Nothing this a full screen moment.

Imran Chaudhri – Director of the design team

That’s iOS 10 Messages, everyone. We cannot wait for you to try it. Thank you.

Craig Federighi – SVP, Software Engineering, Apple Inc.

Thank you, Bethany and Imran, it’s just incredible work. Well, so those are some highlights from Messages but you know, we thought when it comes to expressing yourself that there was so much more we could do if we could tap into all of the creativity of all of you developers. And so we’re opening up Messages to developers as well, with iMessage apps.

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With iMessage apps – iMessage has an app drawer — with all of your iMessage apps you can tap a plus and get to the app store and find other apps, you can download them of course. They’re here in your drawer and there are so many different kinds of apps you can create from things, like stickers. An artist can create stickers as well without even writing any code. But for developers who do want to write code you have access to the full iOS SDK, including access to the camera. So you can do incredible animated effects with apps like JibJab, can accomplish more sophisticated tasks as well, like payment with Square Cash allowing you to pay someone right through the Messages thread. They can receive it and redeem it on the receiving end right inside of Messages. There’s so much you can do with iMessage apps. Like to show you a couple of the possibilities in a demo right now. Let’s take a look.

So let’s dive here into a conversation. So here’s a thread with a family. Now I can respond with a text of course but now with iMessage apps, I can just bring up my app drawer and I can get to all of my different iMessage apps, including some great stickers. So let me dive into these Mickey stickers. We can see that they’re all animated. I can actually look through them like this, can swipe between my stickers, so maybe some from inside out.

Here’s some from Finding Dory, if I want to send one, just tap, drop it right in, just like that. It’s really easy and really fun. And now here I received another photo and the great thing about stickers is you can actually peel them off and attach them to bubbles. So this one would look cool if I could just take the sun over here. If you put that up there in the corner and then maybe a little seal off here on the side, just like that. It’s really pretty cool what you can do with these messages.

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Well, oh, look I got a message from Bryan here. Let’s take a look at this. He says, we’re placing an order for lunch after the keynote and we can see he’s doing that actually within iMessage app. So he has used DoorDash and he is placing an order at Curry Up Now. So you just tap in and see what’s going on. Now there is a group cart that we’re all collaborating on through the iMessage apps, I am going to look at that. Looks like Phil has ordered the Naughty Naan and Joe has ordered, Bryan has ordered. Well so I can put in my order, I am going to go for this deconstructed samosa. That looks pretty good and I’m sure Tim would like one as well. And well, it would be rude if we ate in front of you guys without getting you some. So we’ll just up this up a little bit here and we can just add that to our cart like this. And then drop it right in the Messages and a fortune that Bryan will be paying for this.

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