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Apple CEO Tim Cook Keynote at WWDC 2016 (Full Transcript)

So let’s take a look. So we’re going to accomplish this by keeping your favorite apps in memory. We’re going to support background updates of data and refresh the information so it’s ready the instant that you are. And then we support quickly launching these apps and interacting with them. This is going to work for both the built-in apps and third-party apps.

Let’s take a look at an example. This is watchOS 2 and we’re going to look at an app called Onefootball. We’re going to launch it from a complication in the bottom left. We’re going to see how long it takes. So here we are, launching the app, takes a few seconds to launch, and then once it launches, it loads some data and it updates, there we go. So that is pretty typical example of watchOS 2.

Now we’re going to take a look at Onefootball launching in watchOS 3. You guys ready? Okay, don’t blink. That’s it. So that example is about 7 times faster but it feels like a million times faster. So we’ve made it really easy to access your favorite apps. You could just press the side button below the crown to show what we call the Dock. You can choose which apps go here and you can quickly scroll through them. The apps are now both glanceable and interactive rather than separate concepts. And this is a dramatic improvement in how it feels to use the watch. So this increased performance allowed us to have access to our favorite apps quickly. We want to be able to access them anywhere. So by using the side button gets them easily.

Now another key design goal we had was to make the watch feel more familiar. And so we’ve done with the watch face, now we’ve added control center. You just swipe up from the bottom, just like on iOS in very familiar. This is a giant improvement in how it feels to use apps and to navigate the watch very simply and easily in watchOS 3.

Now we’ve also made it more powerful to reply to messages. So now when you receive a message, you can see the ways to respond right there. We’ve removed the step. You don’t have to actually press reply now, you can just pick the way you’d like to reply. And if you just scroll down, you’ll see your smart replies right below the message. So you can just tap to reply in less than a second.

Now sometimes you don’t see exactly the response you like and you’re not in a situation where you can use dictation. So would it be great if you could just write your message on the watch? Well, we’re introducing a new way to do that with something that we call Scribble.

With Scribble, you have a new way to respond just by writing what you like on the screen. You can just quickly draw the letters for your message right there, like writing something like Starbucks. You can see the letters go right on top of each other. So that’s a great new way to respond with just the response you like on your watch.

Now the watch face is great for quick looks and it reflects your style. And it’s also the character of the device. And we’ve had Mickey as a fun watch face that I like to use on weekends. But I know what my daughter’s going to really love is Minnie is coming to the watch now. And of course you can choose from a variety of colors for her outfit that match her fans perfectly.

Now one of the most frequent things people do is look at their activity rings and we’re adding a new watch face specifically for that called Activity. So it’s a great beautiful way to see your rings throughout the day. That comes not only in the analog version but also a really nice chronograph version and a digital version. So a super good way for looking at your progress during the day.

We’ve also added a really simple new face that we call Numerals which is very beautiful and the hours actually go around the dial during the day and you can choose from a variety of fonts that match your style. So really simple to watch face called Numerals.

Now there’s a lot of watch faces to choose from and we’re finding that people are actually switching between faces for different occasions. So we’re going to make that super easy. You can now just swipe to switch the face you like to use and you can choose which faces you like and how they’re configured so you can easily get to them.

We’ve also added the ability to add more complications to faces, like weather here on the photos face. So now really simple to navigate and use your watch faces as well.

Let’s see all the stuff running live. For a demo, please welcome Stacey Lysik.

Stacey Lysik – Director of Apple Watch Software

Thank you, Kevin. Good morning. I could not be more excited to have the opportunity to show you watchOS 3 today. I wake up to my favorite new face, just the girl I’ve been looking for. Now in watchOS 3 you have a place to keep all of your favorite apps. You choose which apps go in your Dock and you choose the order.

I can bring up my Dock by pressing the side button and I can swipe through my apps one at a time or lay my finger down in these dots at the bottom of the screen and fly through my Dock to get to any app. And apps in my Dock are live. So I can get a quick glance at information without even launching an app, like how close I am to closing my Activity rings and the apps have been redesigned to put me within one tap of the thing I most want to do.

Let’s take a look at the Timer app, one tap to launch it and it’s right there waiting for me. I can still set a custom timer if that’s what I want to do but the most common choices for a timer are right here on the screen. So with one tap I can set a ten minute timer and get right back to what I was doing.

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