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Apple CEO Tim Cook Keynote at WWDC 2016 (Full Transcript)

Even my favorite apps from the App Store can be in my Dock, like what with Sweat With Kayla and Lift and they are lightning fast too. Let’s take a look. With one tap I can call a car. Yikes three minutes. I have so much to show you, like new apps, Reminders and Find My Friends that have been designed specifically for this kind of quick interaction.

Let’s look at Reminders. Now I can keep all my lists with me throughout the day and just check things off as I get them done. Here’s my bucket list. You don’t get to do this very often but today is just one of those days. Find My Friends takes advantage of background updates to ensure I always have the latest and greatest location for my friends and family. Now I never have to worry about whether my kids got to their activities on time.

And we wanted to make changing your watch face as easy as swiping through apps on your Dock and while Minnie is fabulous for a casual weekend, sometimes I want to wear something simple and elegant. Now with an edge-to-edge swipe I can get to my Numerals face. And for those of you as obsessed with closing your rings as I am, we now have the Activity face. Every time I raise my wrist I get to see those big beautiful rings reminding me to get up and get moving. And I can launch my workout right from the face with a new quick start feature; I can bypass setting up a goal and just get started. I didn’t really come dressed for a workout today. So I’m going to swipe over and that and take us back to our watch face. Notifications are still right where you think they’d be, pulled down from the top of the screen. This is a message I say from my friend Isabel. She’s been teaching me a little Mandarin and she wants me to reply about dinner tonight in Chinese. I can do that with a new Scribble feature.

Scribble works in English and Chinese and it knows what language my keyboard has been set to. So with my finger, I can write out a quick message. Bā diǎn or eight o’clock. Those are just a few of the features of watchOS 3 but of course there’s more. Back to Kevin.

Kevin Lynch – VP Technology

That was awesome, Stacy. Thank you. And it’s so exciting to achieve this new level of performance on the watch and we’re finding that people who are wearing up a watch wear it all the time and this opens up some new great ways that we can help. And one of these is actually getting help in critical situations, just by pushing a button that’s actually on you. So you might be a having a medical emergency, for example, or a safety situation and we’re going to be able to help with that with SOS on the watch. We’re going make it easy to call for help. To activate it, you just press and hold the side button. It’s going to count down to let you know it’s calling 911. And then you’re going to be on a live call with emergency services right on your watch. And this works either as a cellular call via your iPhone or directly from the watch if you’re connected to Wi-Fi. And after you’re done talking on the phone as emergency services, the watch will automatically notify your emergency contacts. We’ll send them a message and the message also will include a map of your current location so they know where you are and they can coordinate with each other.

And after sending the message your watch will actually now show your medical ID which is also a new feature in watchOS. It has things like, for example, your age and allergies and other information you’d like to put there. And SOS works not only just in the US but it works internationally. So, for example, you might be traveling to some place like Hong Kong and you might not know what the emergency number is to call. But your Apple Watch does. So in this case it calls 999 rather 911. So this is an emergency feature that isn’t one that you’ll use often. But when you need it, it’s going to be there and that’s SOS.

Now one of the primary reasons people are wearing the watch today is for fitness and health. And we’re enhancing the Activity and workout apps and we’re adding a new app that we think you’re going to love. Take a look at this, please welcome Jay Blahnik.

Jay Blahnik – Apple’s Director of Fitness and Health

Thanks Kevin. So we know that one of the most popular apps on the Apple Watch is the Activity app. And as Kevin and Stacy have mentioned many people have told us that they actually become more active because they’ve become addicted to closing the Activity rings. And we love hearing that.

But we also know that many people are motivated by other things. Some people are motivated by getting support from their family and friends. And if you’re like me, you’re motivated by good old fashioned competition. And we wanted to make that possible as well.

So with watchOS, we’re introducing Activity Sharing and it couldn’t be simpler. All you have to do is swipe to the right of your own Activity rings and there you will see your selected family and friends rings as well. Now you can sort by whatever metric is most important to you. So you can sort by steps, you can sort by workouts. You can even sort by exercise minutes. Here you’ll see that I’ve sorted by the move ring and I’m right where you expect me to be. I’m getting my butt kicked by Stacy. But I am annihilating Jess which makes me very happy.

If you want to see more details, all you do is tap on anyone in your Activity list and you’ll get an up close look at their Activity rings but you can also see things like their daily step count and their workouts even from third parties. But one of my favorite features is that you can communicate directly with the people that you’re sharing activity with right in the Activity app through messages. And when you do, you’ll get smart replies that are geared around fitness and activity. Some are supportive. Some are a little more competitive but you can also do some fun things. For example, at the end of a workout you could send your racing heart rate to one of your Activity friends. Or your racing heart rate to one of your Activity friends — or you can also send smack talk in your own voice right through audio messages. So we think this is going to be a great way for you and your friends to stay motivated to keep each other active and we can’t wait for you to try it.

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