Apple CEO Tim Cook Keynote at WWDC June 2013 Conference Transcript

So let’s take a look now at the Photos app. So here you see some photos that were taken in San Francisco and you see nothing was done to organize these photos explicitly and yet they have these labels. It’s like the Palace of Fine Arts, Baker Beach, Lombard Street. It provides this natural organization for appreciating the photos. We can go up that more trips at more times in San Francisco, Golden Gate, to San Francisco Fisherman’s Wharf. But then you see we have home. We have photos taken at home and photos taken at the elementary school and around that area.

And now if you want to zoom back out to get a– more of bird’s eye view of your collection, we draw these moments intelligently together into collections. So see here how that multiple day trip around San Francisco is collected– sorry about that, I’ve got a little excited there, into– it’s a very exciting interface into a multi-day trip in San Francisco. And that time at home and around the school, well, that’s one moment– that’s one collection as well. It’s a really great way to browse your photos.

You can even go all the way out to the year level. Look across your whole photo collection. And look how we pull out the interesting places that you went in that year like 2011 was Colorado and Hawaii, 2012, went to South America. You may not remember when you did it but iOS does and it’s right there. And, you know, with this retina display you can even can make out patterns of photos in one different occasions or in a course we found like we had the urge that we wanted to just tap in right from here. And so now in fact you can. You can just tap and scrub and find the photo you’re looking for just like that. It’s really just amazing.

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So I can just pick a photo here whichever one I want. It’s kind of cute and now we can edit it because we have photo filters. So I can go into the filters here, I can try different color effects, and if I find one I like maybe a nice black and white, you can do it just like that. I’ll apply it and save that photo away. We also have great new ways to share your photos in the Photos apps. Let’s bring up sharing.

We have AirDrop right here if any of you were running iOS 7, I’d see you, it looks like it didn’t leak, so that’s good you’re not in there right now, but you have AirDrop. You have access to other photos, you can share them from right here, just really handy.

Great photo sharing option is iCloud photo sharing, I’m going to tap on that now. It’s going to iCloud photo sharing. And from here, I can select the Photo Streams that I want to share too. So I’m on family photos now, but I’m going to drill in and I can see other Photo Streams I’ve set up.

And now, other people can share into my Photo Stream as well. So these are shared Photo Streams.

I’ll just select a Photo Stream here and type a little message. We’ll post that photo. So it made it really easy to share and we’ve also made it a really great experience to experience the photos you and others have shared with this new shared tab at the bottom. So I’m going to go in here.

I could see my photo with a comment. I can see the comments of other people and the photos that they’ve shared. And now, we even support sharing video via iCloud photo sharing. And we have a great way to just browse those shared photos. I’ll just tilt the device into landscape. I can scroll through it like this. And just look how beautiful that is.

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What a great way to experience your photos. So that’s the new photos App in iOS 7.

So integration with internet services is a huge part of the experience of iOS and never more so than in iOS 7. So to take you through some of those features, I’d like to bring up Eddy Cue. Eddy?

Eddy Cue: Great job, Craig. Thank you.

Thanks, it’s great to be here. So let’s talk about Siri.

The first thing is Siri has a gorgeous new interface. Now as I speak, you’ll see a sound wave across the bottom and you get the result to a beautiful, gorgeous, clean way. But Siri has always been a lot about your — the voice of Siri. And we’ve got an all new voice.

Hi, Eddy. What can I do for you?

And you can also choose a male voice.

Hi, Eddy. What can I do for you?

And we’ve got high quality. We’ve also got high quality female and male voices for French.

As well as German.

And we’re going to be adding other languages over time. Now Siri is also getting a lot smarter and knows how to control more of your device.

So you could say, play my last voice mail or turn on Bluetooth or increase my brightness. And it can answer a lot more questions because we’ve integrated some new services like Twitter, so you can see what people are saying or what’s happening. We’ve integrated the world’s largest Encyclopedia and Wikipedia. And we’ve even integrated web search results from Bing right inside of Siri. And it’s great for photos too. And that is some of the new features of Siri in iOS 7.

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