Apple CEO Tim Cook Keynote at WWDC June 2013 Conference Transcript

Now Siri is also a big part of our next feature. iOS in the car. Now 95% of the cars being sold today have integrated music playback and control from an iOS device, but we want to take this integration to a whole another level.

What if you could get iOS on the screen that is built into your car so that you can make phone calls, play music, go to maps, get your iMessages right on the screen in your car or Eyes Free using Siri. So now, when you make a phone call, it’s going to look something like this, call John Appleseed, or play get lucky, or go to maps, get directions, or even get your iMessages read to you and you can dictate a response all Eyes Free.

Now, all of these car manufacturers are introducing iOS integration in 2014 and I know which one I want to buy. And that’s iOS in the car.

Next, the App Store. Now the App Store looks beautiful. It’s way easier to find Apps than ever before. We’ve added a new feature where you can look for apps based on your age range, kid’s categories, parents are going to love this. And apps Near Me, you can find the most popular apps based on your current location.

So now, let’s say I’m at AT&T park in San Francisco and here are the apps I would see. Or I’m at the Louvre in Paris. Or I’m in Union Square Shopping. It’s that easy to discover new apps. It’s really great.

The next feature, I know, you’re all going to love because everyday, you see something like this. Well, no more because the App Store updates your apps automatically.

Next, let’s talk about music. The music app in iOS 7 is, beyond doubt, the best music player we have ever done. The first thing you’ll notice is we provide you with beautiful artist images right in your library. And you just tap an artist and you see the songs. But it’s not just the songs on your device, you see all of your purchased music from iCloud right in your library. And if you want to hear one of the songs, you just tap and you get our beautiful Now Playing screen.

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But it’s not just your purchased music, in the video apps, you get all of your movies and TV shows right from iCloud right into your library, it’s really, really great.

If you turn the device sideways, you see your albums. You could just swipe to see more, and once you see one you like, you tap and it zooms right in. Now, the music app is the best way to listen to your music. But today, we’re introducing an amazing way to discover new music and we call it iTunes Radio.

And here’s what it looks like. It’s built right into the music app. But rather than tell you about it, I’d love to show it to you.

And we’ll launch the music app. And the first thing you’ll notice is we’ve got a set of featured stations that our programming team have created. So you can see the songs that are trending on Twitter right now, or even the songs that you guys are all going to hear this week at WWDC.

But I feel like summer songs. So you just tap. And once you have a station you love, you could just tap the i and you could share it with a friend, or even create a new station based on this artist or song. I can easily skip to see what’s the next song.

I’ll go back to stations. But it’s not just the featured stations that we provide. You can create your own stations. Here are some that I’ve previously created. But I feel like doing something new.

Now, our music team is providing you with hundreds of stations based on alternative, country, classic rock, but I feel like doing something a little more specific.

How about some Led Zeppelin? First, start off with a great Led Zeppelin song. Let’s go and see what else is on this station. And a great thing is I can always modify the station, I can just tap the star, and I could say play more songs like this, or never play this song, or add it to my wish list.

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Now, I like this so let’s play some more songs like this. Now, another great feature of iTunes Radio is it keeps track of all of the songs that you’re listening to across all the stations, all your devices. And you can get to them by just tapping History. You can see them all here.

You can Preview, and buy right from there. And that’s iTunes Radio.

So iTunes Radio is built into iOS 7, it works on your iPhone, your iPod touch, and your iPad. It’s also built into iTunes on your Mac and PC and even in your living room built into Apple TV.

iTunes radio is free with ads. And if you are an iTunes Match subscriber, it’s completely ad-free. We’re starting in the US and we’ll be adding other countries over time and that’s the new music app on iOS 7. It is the best music player we have ever done.

Thank you.

Craig Federighi – SVP, Software Engineering, Apple

Thank you, Eddy. So 10 amazing features in iOS 7 and a comprehensive end to end UI redesign. And of course we’re bringing it all to iPad as well.

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