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Apple CEO Tim Cook Keynote at WWDC June 2013 Conference Transcript

And we’re starting by reinventing the way people played. Today, after over half a decade of working on Anki, we are so excited to give you a peek at our first product, Anki Drive.

Assisting me today is Brad Neuman, Robotics Research Engineer at Anki. Now, we’re going to start by sharing some of the technology under the hood. As we have these cars go through a few formations, realize that each of them is completely driving themselves and our app is coordinating the entire experience over Bluetooth Low Energy. The cars can control their speed and they steer on the track by doing the same computations your brain does when you drive. They sense where they’re located and they react to their surroundings all in real time.

This red car, he’s our hero, Aiden. We designed him and all the other cars to be incredibly smart. Five hundred times per second, they’re running logic to sense a track, their position on it, adjusting their steering and speed and communicating back and forth with our AI engine on that iPhone.

I’ll let Aiden join his friends and tell him to hit the gas. Watch this. There we go.

All right. So, as Aiden weaves through the pack, our app knows everything that’s happening in real time. It’s analyzing thousands of potential actions every single second. And not just for Aiden but for every single car. We are using iOS devices not just as remote controls but as the brains behind an immersive real world experience.

And that is what lets this bring these cars to life. Now let’s do something interesting here. Brad. He’s going to tell these other cars to try to block Aiden. And just to be clear, none of this is choreographed. All we’re doing is defining a new objective for each car and they’d figure out the rest.

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Here, Aiden, he’s using the exact same logic he was using before, sensing where he is and reacting to the other cars as he looks for an opening. Expect now, these other guys are on a mission to try to block him.

Luckily, Aiden is equipped to handle any situation. Weapons enabled.

This is a video game in the real world. We can customize everything in software from the characteristics of the vehicles to the weapons that they can use. We are taking all of the things that we love about video games and programming them on to physical characters you can actually touch.

With Anki Drive, we use this technology to take gaming to a whole new level. And the real fun starts when you take control of these cars yourselves. With your iPhone or iPod Touch, you can play against your friends or you can challenge– take your chances against the AI.

We are bringing video games to life on the floor of your living room. Keep your eyes out for Anki Drive coming to Apple Stores and Apple Online this fall. And we just pushed the Anki Drive app today so you can download it and get a deeper look. We are a robotics and artificial intelligence company and what you see here is only the beginning.

Thank you very much.

Tim Cook – CEO, Apple Inc.

Thanks a lot. Thank you. That’s incredibly fun. I think these guys are going to be super successful. I think it’s a great example of the power of the combination of your incredible apps and the iOS devices in the ecosystem. I’d love to show you a lot more today but we don’t have time.

But I’d like to thank– on behalf of Apple, I’d like to thank all of the developers here for making such incredible apps. Thank you.


Next, I’d like to talk about the Mac. The Mac install base now is incredibly strong at 72 million. This is double what it was just five years ago. We announced the new iMac at the end of last year and it went on to become the number one desktop in the US. And the MacBook has continued to define the future of the notebook and is the number one notebook in the US.

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In fact, the Mac business has outpaced the PC business for several years now. And if you look at the last five years, the average annual growth rate isn’t even close. And if you look at the total growth over that period of time, the Mac is at a 100% versus the PC a paltry, 18%.

Now for us, it’s never been about making the most. We care much more that the Mac is number one in customer sat and quality. And you don’t just have to take my word for it. All of these guys agree.

Now, we had lots of innovation for the Mac last year and one of those was announced here with Mountain Lion.

Mountain Lion of course is our latest release of OS X. We shipped 28 million copies since we announced it making it the best selling release of all time. And what’s even more impressive is that 35% of our users are using the latest version of using — are using Mountain Lion. Now, that compares to Windows 8 which is kind of struggling to get to five. We’re making the best Macs we’ve ever made but we’re not standing still. We’ve got lots of innovation left.

And today, we want to talk to you about what we’re doing with OS X. To do that, I’d like to invite Craig Federighi up to the stage. Craig.

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