Apple CEO Tim Cook Keynote at WWDC June 2013 Conference Transcript

Well in Mountain Lion, we’re making Safari even better. We have a great clean new homepage with top sites. From there, you can get at great sidebar where you have access to all of your bookmarks and you can browse right from your bookmarks.

And in that sidebar, we also have Reading List where now you can continuously scroll through your articles moving from article to article without ever having to click. And a great new feature called Shared Links where you see all of the links shared by people you’re following on Twitter and LinkedIn. You can browse them right here.

Now in addition to these end-user improvements, there’s also a lot going on under the hood, big improvements to JavaScript, a full process-per-tab architecture, and memory efficiency improvements with the shared memory resource cache, and a whole bunch of big power savings as well. When you look at the effects of these changes, it’s pretty profound.

If you take a synthetic benchmark like SunSpider, you see how Safari fairs against the competition. But, you know, researchers have started to look at more real world JavaScript by sampling the JavaScript that actually occurs on sites like the Google homepage, Facebook, And when you look at Safari’s performance on a benchmark like that, JSBench, the results are really incredible.

Safari is also awesome when it comes now to memory usage, using way less memory than the other browsers which means more memory for you to browse with more tabs and do more on your system. And when it comes to energy use, it’s not even closed.

Safari uses way less energy than Chrome. And when you compare to Firefox, it’s just kind of sad. So that’s Safari.

I’d love to give you a demo of some of our advanced technologies in Safari right now. So, let’s start with responsiveness and I’m going to go now into mail. And so here, we have a mailbox with about 100,000 messages in your inbox and I just want to show you how you scroll now with that accelerated scrolling.

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Perfectly smooth, incredibly fast, almost 60 frames a second whenever you do it, it’s just epic. And when you look here at scrolling through a conversation, this is a conversation with 26 messages in it. Again, just super glassy smooth, super fast, it’s really, really nice.

Let’s take a look at that in Safari. In Safari, we’ve improved scrolling for more popular websites and actually optimized heavily for retina displays so now, it’s just super fast, super smooth. Now, let’s take a look at power. Yeah, there’s a fan of smooth scrolling right there in the front.

I’m a fan of smooth scrolling as well.

So let’s take a look at power use, so you have a power meter up here that’s showing CPU activity in Safari and you notice right now, it’s quite low because we’re not doing anything. But let’s go into a website that’s going to use a lot of power and you notice the power meter shoot right up because we’re doing a lot of animation here using all the CPU and that’s okay, that’s what the CPUs for, it’s doing something cool for me right here.

But very often, you’ll have something like this happening in an add off in the corner, you’ve covered this window up and yet, it’s still draining your battery life, you don’t even realize it. Well now, with this technology we call AppNap, we keep track of what’s going on and what things you actually to see to decide where to direct power.

So watch what happens when I bring up this iTunes window over the Safari window, the power drops right down and that’s extending your battery life. But of course, that thing is still running, it’s still available to me so if I pull it aside, there it goes, you can see everything happening right now. The power goes up, cover back up, power goes right back down, it’s really going to help your battery life.

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Next, let’s take a look at the new Safari top sites. Really clean, really nice. We’ll bring out the new sidebar. You see I have all my bookmarks here. I have my bookmark folders as well.

If I want to bring a side over for my bookmarks in the top sites, I can just drag it out like this. It’s really nice. I can open it up, animates in. From the side bar, we also have access to our shared links. You see sites that I’m following here on Twitter and LinkedIn and click on a site– a link that’s been shared. It loads it up, I can even retweet it right here if I wish.

And we now have one-click bookmarking so I’ll just click this plus and it’s going to hop right in to my Reading List right there.

Let’s go take a look at my Reading List. See all the articles I’ve added here to my Reading List? I want you to watch how scrolling works because now, when I scroll and I’m reading through one article, I read this, this is great, I’m really enjoying it.

Get to the bottom, there’s the next article. I can just scroll right through to the next article just like that. Awesome. We also have a beautiful new look for Reader. Here is Reader and I’m going to bring up my — I can actually close up my sidebar here. And now, as I scroll reading and I just want to read from one article to the next, it’s just like that. Super clean and super nice and that’s Safari in Mavericks. I think you’re going to like it. So, we have some more improvements that I think are going to really help you with your browsing and one of them is iCloud Keychain, yeah.

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