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Apple CEO Tim Cook Keynote at WWDC June 2013 Conference Transcript


And it will now update apps for you right in the background so you don’t have to do it yourself. So that’s Notifications.

Next up, Calendar, let’s take a look. Absolutely no virtual cows were harmed in the making of this user interface. We’re going to be adding that one to our environmental checklist, trust us. So, in addition to that, you have your Facebook events right on your Calendar if you wish and we have a great new inspector that’s even aware of things like location, travel time and weather. And that’s the Calendar.

Next, Maps. The Maps team has been making great improvements to the data and Maps and Mac users are going to benefit because we have this fantastic new Maps app. Of course, with your street maps, you have your 3D, beautiful flyover data, search for points of interest, great info cards. You can get turn by turn directions and my favorite part, when I have a route that I’ve set up on my Mac and now it’s time to go, you can just click right up here and send it right to my iPhone where it will appear right on my lock screen.

And when I unlock my phone, it takes me straight in the navigation, super cool. We’re also providing a developer SDK so you can add mapping functionality to your apps as well. So that’s Maps.

Finally, we’re bringing iBooks to the Mac. So now, you have access to the full library of 1.8 million books in the iBook Store. Your full library from your iOS devices is available on your Mac as well. It’s a great environment for reading. It’s also a great environment for taking notes and it supports iBooks Textbooks, they’re beautiful and they’re interactive, I love to give you a demo on all of this right now.

So, let’s start in Maps. So here we are in Paris, you can just zoom in a place in Paris there. You can zoom right in, you see it’s just so fast and fluid bringing in points of location. I can pan around the map to find a nice location, maybe the Eiffel Tower right here. Let’s go in to look at that flyover data.

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As we can see the Eiffel Tower, we can go in to tilt it over, that’s the Eiffel Tower right there. The flyover data is just beautiful and of course, I can even rotate around Paris. Look, you can even see through the Eiffel Tower as it rotates into the area of the city below. The data is just gorgeous, the new flyover data. It’s really amazing on your big Mac display. Of course, we support great search for points of interest so if I want to go to lunch, maybe at — I’m told this is Guy Savoy.

We’ll go to Guy Savoy, they have this great info cards with reviews, photos. I can add a site to my Bookmarks just like this and it’s now synced across all my devices so this location is available to me, of course, on my phone. And because this is a Mac, I can tear this off so if I’m planning a trip, I can set aside some things of interest. I can, of course, get directions.

Let’s do that here, directions from the Eiffel Tower. And when I’m ready to go, I can send it right to my phone like this. And that’s Maps.

Next, let’s take a look at the new Calendar. It has continuous scrolling and what’s really amazing is even without the stitching, the Window still sticks right there on the screen. It doesn’t fall off without the stitching. I don’t know how we did it. It’s engineering. It’s really great for creating events so if I go and create an event like this, let’s say I’m going to have lunch and I’m going to type in what I want for lunch, I’m going to say I want pizza.

And you notice, it suggests all sorts of locations nearby so I’m going to select Tony’s Pizza and you notice I get a map. I even get projected weather for that location so I know if I need to bring a jacket. Now, I can select here and actually ask it to tell me what the travel time is expected from my last location so I can decide if I want to drive or walk.

I’m going to say I want to walk and it actually adds the travel time right to my Calendar so I know not to schedule anything there. And I don’t have to remember because I can ask to be notified when I need to leave and I’ll get a notification both in my Mac and on my phone as well so that is Maps.

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Finally, let’s take a look at iBooks. So, I have all my books here, of course, I can browse my– the collections I’ve arranged. We have access to the Store with all of its content. Books of course ultimately about reading so you can get in here and read, move easily between the pages. You have access to all the controls you’d expect. Your Bookmark, search, can adjust your type and font and type size.

Go into a nice night mode that’s relaxing for the eyes but, of course, I really love these interactive iBooks Textbooks. Let’s open one of those up now. So, I can scroll through the pages in my book, see all of this nice interactives and videos.

I can pinch right into a graphical table of contents, scroll through the pages of this chapter. I can select another chapter, scroll through just like this on these fantastic interactives. So, if I want to understand the way the cellular structure works for instance on this leaf, I can just drill right in and see all the way through this.

It’s just incredible, a really great way to learn. It’s also a great environment for taking notes, just select some text, add a note, ask the teacher about this, take a note like that. Because it’s a Mac, of course, I can just stretch out and get the sidebar where I can see all my notes in the sidebar just really convenient just like this.

We also have a great view with the Sidebar to show all your notes. You can use them to navigate your book. When it comes time to study, you have this great study cards, you can just flip through them, use all your notes to study, just like that. And that is iBooks in Mavericks.

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