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Apple CEO Tim Cook Presents at Special Event September 2013 (Transcript)

Now iWork has three amazing apps. The first is Keynote. Keynote is the most powerful presentation app ever designed for mobile device and allows you to create and deliver world-class presentations on your iPad or iPhone and pages the most beautiful spreadsheet ever written for mobile device allows you to create, edit and view documents from anywhere. And numbers — Numbers is the best spreadsheet ever designed for a mobile device and allows you to make compelling spreadsheets in just minutes.

Now iWork highlights the fact that iOS devices aren’t just great for consuming content, they’re incredible for creating content. We also make some incredible creativity apps. Apps like iPhoto. iPhoto brings powerful photographic tools right to your fingertips, so you can take your photo editing to the next level. And apps like iMovie, so you can make beautiful full HD movies from Hollywood trailers to more sophisticated projects right on your iPhone or iPad.

Now we think that iWork is a really key advantage for customers’ productivity and that iPhoto and iMovie are great for our customers’ creativity. No other platform has any apps like these. We think that all iOS devices are made even better if they have these apps. And almost all of our customers want these apps.

So today we’re announcing that we’re making all five of these industry leading apps free. They are free with any new iOS device. We think our customers are going to believe this is incredible, it’ll be great for their productivity and creativity. So when you’re setting up your new iOS device, iOS 7 will present you with this screen and with one-touch, boom! all five of these apps are downloaded for you and some additional ones. We think our customers are going to love this. This is for any new iPad or for any new iPhone or fifth generation iPod Touch. We think this will be great for our customers.

Now I’d like to talk about iPhone. A couple of you may have been expecting this. About a year ago, we announced iPhone 5. iPhone 5 was instantly the most loved iPhone ever and it had the most successful first-year of any iPhone we’ve ever done. Customers loved the retina display. They loved the thin and beautiful design, the superfast processing and graphics, the incredible camera. And iPhone 5 helped take our iPhone business to an entirely different level, becoming very huge.

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Now in the past when we’ve announced a new iPhone, we’ve lowered the price of the current iPhone, making it even more accessible to more people. But this year, we’re not going to do that. The business has become so large that this year we’re going to replace the iPhone 5. And we’re going to replace it with not one but two new designs. This allows us to serve even more customers. And to tell you all about these two new incredible designs, I’d like to invite Phil Schiller up. Phil?

Phil Schiller – Senior Vice President, Worldwide Marketing

Well, good morning everyone. Really happy to be here, because I have the great honor and privilege to introduce these two new iPhone products to you. And the first one is called iPhone 5c. The iPhone 5c is made with all the incredible technology the customers have loved with the iPhone 5, and there’s more too. It has an incredible all new design — one that’s more fun, more colorful than any iPhone we’ve made yet.

iPhone 5c design and its features

A few of you might have seen some shots in the web, you have seen them, and that’s cool, because everyone’s really excited about this and so are we. But you haven’t really seen it before not like this.

This is iPhone 5c and it’s really stunning. Incredible new color design. It delivers on color throughout the product every detail — volume buttons, the switches, the entire back insides are made from a single part. In the front is one glass multi-touch surface. As close as you look, you won’t see seams, or part lines or joints. It’s absolutely gorgeous. And when you turn it on for the very first time an iOS 7 runs on the new iPhone 5c, you will see how incredible they look together. The vibrant icons, the color matched wallpaper, the way the translucency brings color to the surface and it creates an entire experience of color and experience just doesn’t stop with the phone design and the software. The team has created a really cool line of custom cases specifically for the iPhone 5c made of a soft feel silicon rubber, they’re micro fiber line and they’ve designed areas like around the camera and flash with the color the iPhone shines through. In fact, as we look down you’re going to see this cool circular cutout patterns. So you get this amazing combination of color between the iPhone 5c and its case. You can combine them in really amazing combinations to create the exact look that you love. It’s absolutely beautiful.

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And when you pick up and hold the iPhone 5c for the first time, you’re going to be blown away about the quality of it and how rigid and great it feels in your hand. It’s made of a hard-coated polycarbonate material that’s ideal with its incredible color but it’s more inside. It’s built with the new construction method that uses a steel reinforced structure.

It provides incredible rigidity. It also serves a dual purpose as part of the antenna system, so it’s really smart. It surrounds a beautiful four-inch retina display with integrated touch layers so the colors feel like they’re right sitting there on top of the glass, has gorgeous range of colors that’s awesome for your photos and your videos.

Inside it’s powered by an Apple designed A6 chip that gives great performance and great battery life. In fact, the battery inside the iPhone 5c is slightly larger than the battery that was in the iPhone 5 before it. It has the world’s most popular camera, the 8 megapixel iSight camera with its backside illuminated sensor, five-element lens, hybrid IR filter; it takes great photos. And it uses that new camera app that Craig told you about, that has all these great features, as well as these live in line photo filters while you are taking your photos and zoom while you’re shooting your video.

On the front side, it’s got a brand new FaceTime HD camera that’s even better in low light scenarios. It’s bigger pixels, better backside illumination and it works with this new FaceTime audio feature. In iOS 7 you can make calls that are crystal clear using FaceTime. The iPhone 5c supports more network bands than any phone we’ve made yet. In fact, it supports more LTE bands than any other smartphone in the world. It has download speeds up to 100 megabit per second down, has dual band WiFi and Bluetooth 4.0. It runs iOS 7 and running the apps on iOS 7 on this beautiful color design is just an amazingly great experience.

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