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Apple CEO Tim Cook Presents at Special Event September 2013 (Transcript)

And when you pick up and hold the iPhone 5c for the first time, you’re going to be blown away about the quality of it and how rigid and great it feels in your hand. It’s made of a hard-coated polycarbonate material that’s ideal with its incredible color but it’s more inside. It’s built with the new construction method that uses a steel reinforced structure.

It provides incredible rigidity. It also serves a dual purpose as part of the antenna system, so it’s really smart. It surrounds a beautiful four-inch retina display with integrated touch layers so the colors feel like they’re right sitting there on top of the glass, has gorgeous range of colors that’s awesome for your photos and your videos.

Inside it’s powered by an Apple designed A6 chip that gives great performance and great battery life. In fact, the battery inside the iPhone 5c is slightly larger than the battery that was in the iPhone 5 before it. It has the world’s most popular camera, the 8 megapixel iSight camera with its backside illuminated sensor, five-element lens, hybrid IR filter; it takes great photos. And it uses that new camera app that Craig told you about, that has all these great features, as well as these live in line photo filters while you are taking your photos and zoom while you’re shooting your video.


On the front side, it’s got a brand new FaceTime HD camera that’s even better in low light scenarios. It’s bigger pixels, better backside illumination and it works with this new FaceTime audio feature. In iOS 7 you can make calls that are crystal clear using FaceTime. The iPhone 5c supports more network bands than any phone we’ve made yet. In fact, it supports more LTE bands than any other smartphone in the world. It has download speeds up to 100 megabit per second down, has dual band WiFi and Bluetooth 4.0. It runs iOS 7 and running the apps on iOS 7 on this beautiful color design is just an amazingly great experience.


So this is iPhone 5c. It comes in five colors: blue, white, pink, yellow and green. It starts with a large 16-gigabyte configuration at a price of just $99.


As you can see, 32 gigabytes for $199 is on a typical U.S. carrier two-year contract. These gorgeous cases, there are six colors to choose from at just $29 dollars each. We think customers will get more than one SIMs to look at their iPhone whenever they feel like it. We worked really hard to make sure these products are designed the most environmentally friendly manner. They’re arsenic free display glass, mercury-free displays, BFR free, PVC-free, yes, an Android-free. This is the iPhone 5c. We have a video to tell our customers a lot more about it.

So that is iPhone 5c – the first of our two new phone lines today. The second is called iPhone 5s. The 5s is the most forward-thinking phone we’ve ever created. In fact, perhaps the most forward-thinking phone anyone has ever made. It’s packed with incredible technologies — technologies that are in service of helping people use these devices more in the ways that we all want to. And it’s built in a design that is absolutely the most beautiful stunning phone design in the industry and this is what it looks like.


This is iPhone 5s. It’s made of a high-grade aluminum with diamond-cut chamfered edges, perfectly matched glass inlays. The team has carefully considered every detail to make this the most beautiful phone ever made and it is the gold standard in smartphones. It comes in three metal finishes: silver, gold and a new space gray and there are so many innovations inside it. I’m going to tell you about three major ones today.


The first is performance. We all want great performance in our devices. And it’s even hard to remember the old days where performance meant big processing cards and graphic cards and power supplies and fans, that defined computing performance. But thank goodness we’ve moved beyond that. Now customers want great performance that fits in the palm of your hands and you can take with you everywhere. And the iPhone 5s is a huge leap forward in mobile computing performance. It starts with a brand new system-on-a-chip from Apple called A7. A7 is 64 bit. This is the first ever in a phone of any kind.


Now the PC world went through a transition from 32 bit to 64 bit and it took years. Today you’re going to see that Apple is going to move the system forward, the mobile computing system from 32 to 64 bit in one day. Going to do it by great new hardware, amazing operating system advancements and all new applications. So let’s talk about the hardware – the A7 chip. This is remarkable. This is a 64-bit desktop class architecture. That means we can use a new modern instruction set, an ARM instruction set that’s more efficient than the others use. It is a lot of great technology in it. The number that just stands out above all else, has over a billion transistors in it. And this fits in a dye that’s about the same size as the previous generation A6. It’s about twice as many transistors. It’s remarkable.


And you’ve heard a lot about iOS 7. But what we haven’t told you yet is it’s also been completely reengineered for 64-bit at the same time. There are 64-bit kernel libraries and drivers and all the apps that come with your iPhone 5s, they’ve been reengineered to 64 bit as well. This will be an easy transition for developers as we’ve updated our tools with Xcode to support 64-bit, so they can make 32 and 64-bit apps easily. And this is seamless for customers because it’s completely backwards compatible with all your existing 32-bit applications, that runs the 32 and 64-bit applications side by side transparently. You don’t have to worry a thing about it.

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