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Apple CEO Tim Cook Presents at Special Event September 2013 (Transcript)

Here in a special event presentation on September 30, 2013, Apple CEO Tim Cook and other members of the management team introduced to the world a whole new set of iPhones – iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s which the Apple CEO calling it “as the most advanced iPhone ever with our most forward-thinking technologies” as well as the iOS 7, “the biggest change to iOS 7 since the original iPhone”. Below is the full text of the special September  event transcript:


Tim Cook – CEO, Apple

Good morning. It’s great to see everyone. Thank you very much for joining us, and welcome to Cupertino.

A special welcome goes out to those joining us in Beijing and Berlin and Tokyo this morning. We are really excited to show you a few things this morning that we’re really proud of. But before we dive into that, I’ve got some updates on some exciting things happening around the company this month in September.

The iTunes Festival began earlier this month. The iTunes Festival is the perfect way for us to celebrate our passion for music with some of our favorite artists. This is the seventh year in a row we’ve been running the festival. And this year is the best one yet. It’s 30 unforgettable nights of live performances in London. We had the most incredible line-up with global superstars and stellar emerging artists. It’s really some incredible headliners.

Lady Gaga opened the festival and she performed her new full-length album before it was released. And we can’t wait to see Justin Timberlake and Katy Perry and so many of the others. All the concerts are held here in the historic Roundhouse in London. It’s a beautiful incredible intimate place to see a concert. And despite it being the hottest ticket in London, we don’t charge anything to get in.

Now, as you might guess, demand for these concerts have been off the charts — 20 million people applied for tickets. It’s like an opening weekend for product. Now we wanted everyone to enjoy this experience. And so we’re live streaming the concerts over a 100 countries and many of these — many of the concerts are also available on demand. Andy’s team prepared a simple and elegant app, and so fans can enjoy the concerts on their iPad, or iPhone or they can join on their Mac or PC and iTunes or you can enjoy it on Apple TV in beautiful HD quality. The enthusiasm and excitement around the festival is just incredible. And we prepared a video and I would love to show it for this morning.

[Video Presentation]

It’s a month of incredible music. I’d really encourage you to catch a couple of concerts; they’re unbelievable.

Also this month, we have a lot of excitement in retail. As many of you know, we’ve been expanding our footprint outside the United States but this month, our attention turns home. A few miles from here, in Stanford Shopping Center, we’ve had this small 1,100 square foot store and despite the size of it, our teams have served 5 million customers there, in just nine years. And they’ve recently been serving 2000 per day in the space.

Now this store has long been overdue for an expansion, and this weekend, we replaced it with this store. This store is a gorgeous pavilion design with glass on three sides and a cantilever groove supported by the three sides of glass. It’s an architectural marvel. It’s absolutely stunning. It’s also over 8 times the size of the other store that you just saw.

Now the store consists of two rooms. In the front room, you can get your hands-on on all of our products. You can have a really hands-on experience. And in the other room, you have access to all of our services from the Genius Bar to personal setup to one-to-one training. This was the opening. It was really great, lot of excitement. That’s our new Stanford store. I would encourage you to drop by after today’s event. It’s really great to see. Our retail teams do an incredible job. They do retail like no one else.

Now, also this month, we’ve been hard at work on completing iOS 7. Of course, iOS 7 is the latest version of the world’s most advanced mobile operating system. And next month, we will ship the 700 millionth iOS device. And since we make updates easy and make them available to as many customers as possible, iOS 7 will quickly become the world’s most popular mobile operating system. It’s packed with amazing new features and a stunning new user interface, and to tell you all about it, I’d like to add invite Craig up. Craig?

Craig Federighi – SVP, Software Engineering, Apple Inc.

Good morning. These are exciting times. It was just three months ago at a WWDC [Apple Worldwide Developers Conference], we first unveiled iOS 7, and we couldn’t be more thrilled with the response. And now soon we’re going to witness an event, really almost unprecedented in our industry, when virtually overnight hundreds of millions of people download iOS 7 and begin a fantastic new experience with their devices. Let’s take a look at what they have in store.

iOS 7 design and its features

It starts with the lock screen. It’s so gorgeous with its edge-to-edge design, precise typography. When you swipe into the home screen, get these gorgeous animations as these icons come in with their harmonious layout, their precisely chosen color palette. But iOS 7 is so alive with depth and not through artificial shadows or borders but the way the device responds to the motion of your hand with a parallax effect. And this deep layering is conveyed across every experience of the device. So as you swipe up from the bottom of the display, you bring up controls and you see that layer — semi-transparent layer with these handy controls. You can turn on airplane mode, access your music, even turn on a flashlight.

This extends as well to experiences like notification center. You can pull down from the top and now from anywhere, including the lock screen, it’s incredibly handy. You can find it where you next need to go. And because an iOS 7, your device actually learns when and where you commute, it can recommend where you need to go and how long it will take you to get there with current traffic conditions – it’s totally handy.

Now we’ve also made search more convenient than ever before in iOS 7. From any screen on your home screen, you can pull down and search for whatever it is you’re looking for and find it — just like that.

Now the experience in iOS extends throughout all the applications. A great example is the weather app. You see the edge-to-edge design, the precise typography, the subtle animations. And if you double-click on the home button, you’re taken into multi-tasking, or all your apps are kept up-to-date. And just tab like for instance on Safari and bring an app forward. And Safari in iOS 7 is fantastic. We have a new tab — you just tab on the lower right of the screen, can overview all of your tabs. Pick a tab, it slides forward. Start browsing and the controls just elegantly fade away, letting you focus on your content.

Now Siri is massively improved in iOS 7. Just hold down on your home button, go into Siri, you can say things like what’s Lady Gaga saying. “Searching on Twitter. Okay, here are the tweets.” You see that Siri can now draw on the latest tweets but you also notice that great new high quality female voice. You can also select between a new high quality male voice as well. “Okay, here are some sweets.”

And in addition to Twitter, Siri can now draw on information from Wikipedia, inline websearch and great photo search as well. Now the voices aren’t the only place for the sound in iOS 7 is improved. When you receive a call, you may hear something like this…. Now you may miss a call due to your dancing, but it’s okay. We still have voicemail. So it’s so good. We’ve improved the system alert sounds as well. You have lots of options like this….it’s kind of cool. In addition to these and many others, we have all the old classics as well but remastered the sound better than ever before.

Now of course, one of the most important things we do with our phones is capture memories. We do that with the camera app. In iOS 7, the camera is better than ever. You can easily swipe between your different cameras like your video camera, a new square aspect ratio camera. You can tab in the lower right and get access to live photo effects. You can apply them right while shooting, or after the effect when you add it. But what I really love with photos in iOS 7 is the way, instead of a flat camera roll, I can actually get my photos automatically grouped by moments, based on the location in time when they were taken. And if I want to zoom back those moments are collected into related collections, for instance, an entire vacation, automatically pulled together into a single collection. And I can pull even further back into the year view. It’s just stunning. I get to see my entire years’ wall of colors.

What’s really awesome is that on a retina display you can actually make out different parts of your photo collection and you can just hold down your finger and scrub and find a particular photo and bring it forward. And of course, when you find a great photo, you’re going to want to share it. Sharing in iOS 7 is easier than ever. Tab in the lower left, bring up the share sheet, cross the top, you can select additional photos to share. You, of course, can share cross messages, iMail, iCloud photo sharing. But if you want to share with people right around you, there’s nothing better than AirDrop for anyone who has their phone on nearby, they’ll appear in AirDrop. You can just tab, tab on each person you want to share with and via high-speed P2P WiFi you’re securely sharing. It’s absolutely phenomenal.

Now of course, at Apple, we really love music. In iOS 7, the music app is absolutely the best way to enjoy your own personal music collection. But now on iOS 7, you also have iTunes radio. It’s the best way to experience new music. Now this is as easy as tapping across the top on one of the featured stations.

You can also, of course, create your own stations. Just tab on the new station button and you’re prompted with a set of genres to browse. But what’s really great is you can really create a station that expresses your own taste. So if you’re like me, you’re going to tap on the search field and type RUSH for the awesome Canadian rock trio RUSH and get a thorough dose of awesome right on your featured station’s list. Absolutely.

So that’s music. Now iOS 7, of course, is more than I can show you right here. There are over 200 features and it doesn’t stop there, because our developer community has been hugely inspired by iOS 7, we’re seeing great new designs coming in. Perhaps like OpenTable, Evernote, Zillow, NBC and so many more. You’ll see many more coming in the App Store and in the time to come.

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So downloading iOS 7 is like getting an all new device, one that’s so much more useful and elegant than you ever before but when you already know how to use, it’s great not just on the iPhone but on the iPad as well, where iOS 7 takes great advantage of the expanded iPad canvas. As always, iOS 7 will be available unbelievably for free, starting on September 18. It’s available for iPhone 4 and later, the iPad 2 and later, the iPad Mini and the fifth generation iPod Touch. That’s iOS 7. Thank you very much.

Tim Cook – CEO, Apple

This has been an incredible effort. I can’t stress that enough and it is only possible because of the incredible collaboration between Jony and his amazing design team, and Craig and his incredible engineering team. We think our customers are absolutely going to love it.

iWork design and its features

Now I’d like to switch gears and talk about some other software that we create. As you know, iWork was designed to take advantage of the power of the iPhone and the iPad and to bring that power right to your fingertips. And what you may not know is that iWork now consists of the best-selling mobile productivity app on any platform.

Now iWork has three amazing apps. The first is Keynote. Keynote is the most powerful presentation app ever designed for mobile device and allows you to create and deliver world-class presentations on your iPad or iPhone and pages the most beautiful spreadsheet ever written for mobile device allows you to create, edit and view documents from anywhere. And numbers — Numbers is the best spreadsheet ever designed for a mobile device and allows you to make compelling spreadsheets in just minutes.

Now iWork highlights the fact that iOS devices aren’t just great for consuming content, they’re incredible for creating content. We also make some incredible creativity apps. Apps like iPhoto. iPhoto brings powerful photographic tools right to your fingertips, so you can take your photo editing to the next level. And apps like iMovie, so you can make beautiful full HD movies from Hollywood trailers to more sophisticated projects right on your iPhone or iPad.

Now we think that iWork is a really key advantage for customers’ productivity and that iPhoto and iMovie are great for our customers’ creativity. No other platform has any apps like these. We think that all iOS devices are made even better if they have these apps. And almost all of our customers want these apps.

So today we’re announcing that we’re making all five of these industry leading apps free. They are free with any new iOS device. We think our customers are going to believe this is incredible, it’ll be great for their productivity and creativity. So when you’re setting up your new iOS device, iOS 7 will present you with this screen and with one-touch, boom! all five of these apps are downloaded for you and some additional ones. We think our customers are going to love this. This is for any new iPad or for any new iPhone or fifth generation iPod Touch. We think this will be great for our customers.

Now I’d like to talk about iPhone. A couple of you may have been expecting this. About a year ago, we announced iPhone 5. iPhone 5 was instantly the most loved iPhone ever and it had the most successful first-year of any iPhone we’ve ever done. Customers loved the retina display. They loved the thin and beautiful design, the superfast processing and graphics, the incredible camera. And iPhone 5 helped take our iPhone business to an entirely different level, becoming very huge.

Now in the past when we’ve announced a new iPhone, we’ve lowered the price of the current iPhone, making it even more accessible to more people. But this year, we’re not going to do that. The business has become so large that this year we’re going to replace the iPhone 5. And we’re going to replace it with not one but two new designs. This allows us to serve even more customers. And to tell you all about these two new incredible designs, I’d like to invite Phil Schiller up. Phil?

Phil Schiller – Senior Vice President, Worldwide Marketing

Well, good morning everyone. Really happy to be here, because I have the great honor and privilege to introduce these two new iPhone products to you. And the first one is called iPhone 5c. The iPhone 5c is made with all the incredible technology the customers have loved with the iPhone 5, and there’s more too. It has an incredible all new design — one that’s more fun, more colorful than any iPhone we’ve made yet.

iPhone 5c design and its features

A few of you might have seen some shots in the web, you have seen them, and that’s cool, because everyone’s really excited about this and so are we. But you haven’t really seen it before not like this.

This is iPhone 5c and it’s really stunning. Incredible new color design. It delivers on color throughout the product every detail — volume buttons, the switches, the entire back insides are made from a single part. In the front is one glass multi-touch surface. As close as you look, you won’t see seams, or part lines or joints. It’s absolutely gorgeous. And when you turn it on for the very first time an iOS 7 runs on the new iPhone 5c, you will see how incredible they look together. The vibrant icons, the color matched wallpaper, the way the translucency brings color to the surface and it creates an entire experience of color and experience just doesn’t stop with the phone design and the software. The team has created a really cool line of custom cases specifically for the iPhone 5c made of a soft feel silicon rubber, they’re micro fiber line and they’ve designed areas like around the camera and flash with the color the iPhone shines through. In fact, as we look down you’re going to see this cool circular cutout patterns. So you get this amazing combination of color between the iPhone 5c and its case. You can combine them in really amazing combinations to create the exact look that you love. It’s absolutely beautiful.

And when you pick up and hold the iPhone 5c for the first time, you’re going to be blown away about the quality of it and how rigid and great it feels in your hand. It’s made of a hard-coated polycarbonate material that’s ideal with its incredible color but it’s more inside. It’s built with the new construction method that uses a steel reinforced structure.

It provides incredible rigidity. It also serves a dual purpose as part of the antenna system, so it’s really smart. It surrounds a beautiful four-inch retina display with integrated touch layers so the colors feel like they’re right sitting there on top of the glass, has gorgeous range of colors that’s awesome for your photos and your videos.

Inside it’s powered by an Apple designed A6 chip that gives great performance and great battery life. In fact, the battery inside the iPhone 5c is slightly larger than the battery that was in the iPhone 5 before it. It has the world’s most popular camera, the 8 megapixel iSight camera with its backside illuminated sensor, five-element lens, hybrid IR filter; it takes great photos. And it uses that new camera app that Craig told you about, that has all these great features, as well as these live in line photo filters while you are taking your photos and zoom while you’re shooting your video.

On the front side, it’s got a brand new FaceTime HD camera that’s even better in low light scenarios. It’s bigger pixels, better backside illumination and it works with this new FaceTime audio feature. In iOS 7 you can make calls that are crystal clear using FaceTime. The iPhone 5c supports more network bands than any phone we’ve made yet. In fact, it supports more LTE bands than any other smartphone in the world. It has download speeds up to 100 megabit per second down, has dual band WiFi and Bluetooth 4.0. It runs iOS 7 and running the apps on iOS 7 on this beautiful color design is just an amazingly great experience.

So this is iPhone 5c. It comes in five colors: blue, white, pink, yellow and green. It starts with a large 16-gigabyte configuration at a price of just $99.

As you can see, 32 gigabytes for $199 is on a typical U.S. carrier two-year contract. These gorgeous cases, there are six colors to choose from at just $29 dollars each. We think customers will get more than one SIMs to look at their iPhone whenever they feel like it. We worked really hard to make sure these products are designed the most environmentally friendly manner. They’re arsenic free display glass, mercury-free displays, BFR free, PVC-free, yes, an Android-free. This is the iPhone 5c. We have a video to tell our customers a lot more about it.

So that is iPhone 5c – the first of our two new phone lines today. The second is called iPhone 5s. The 5s is the most forward-thinking phone we’ve ever created. In fact, perhaps the most forward-thinking phone anyone has ever made. It’s packed with incredible technologies — technologies that are in service of helping people use these devices more in the ways that we all want to. And it’s built in a design that is absolutely the most beautiful stunning phone design in the industry and this is what it looks like.

This is iPhone 5s. It’s made of a high-grade aluminum with diamond-cut chamfered edges, perfectly matched glass inlays. The team has carefully considered every detail to make this the most beautiful phone ever made and it is the gold standard in smartphones. It comes in three metal finishes: silver, gold and a new space gray and there are so many innovations inside it. I’m going to tell you about three major ones today.

The first is performance. We all want great performance in our devices. And it’s even hard to remember the old days where performance meant big processing cards and graphic cards and power supplies and fans, that defined computing performance. But thank goodness we’ve moved beyond that. Now customers want great performance that fits in the palm of your hands and you can take with you everywhere. And the iPhone 5s is a huge leap forward in mobile computing performance. It starts with a brand new system-on-a-chip from Apple called A7. A7 is 64 bit. This is the first ever in a phone of any kind.

Now the PC world went through a transition from 32 bit to 64 bit and it took years. Today you’re going to see that Apple is going to move the system forward, the mobile computing system from 32 to 64 bit in one day. Going to do it by great new hardware, amazing operating system advancements and all new applications. So let’s talk about the hardware – the A7 chip. This is remarkable. This is a 64-bit desktop class architecture. That means we can use a new modern instruction set, an ARM instruction set that’s more efficient than the others use. It is a lot of great technology in it. The number that just stands out above all else, has over a billion transistors in it. And this fits in a dye that’s about the same size as the previous generation A6. It’s about twice as many transistors. It’s remarkable.

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And you’ve heard a lot about iOS 7. But what we haven’t told you yet is it’s also been completely reengineered for 64-bit at the same time. There are 64-bit kernel libraries and drivers and all the apps that come with your iPhone 5s, they’ve been reengineered to 64 bit as well. This will be an easy transition for developers as we’ve updated our tools with Xcode to support 64-bit, so they can make 32 and 64-bit apps easily. And this is seamless for customers because it’s completely backwards compatible with all your existing 32-bit applications, that runs the 32 and 64-bit applications side by side transparently. You don’t have to worry a thing about it.

Why go through all this because the benefits are huge. The A7 is up to twice as fast as the previous generation system at CPU tasks and it’s up to twice as fast at graphics tests as well. And it jumped forth and performance by our team here is incredible. CPU performance from the first iPhone to now the new iPhone 5s has increased 40 tasks.

What’s striking looking at this chart is half of that performance comes today with the iPhone 5s and it’s even more with graphics. It’s increased 56 times since the original iPhone, again half of that coming today with the new iPhone 5s. It runs Open GL ES version 3.0, the latest graphic standard. This means the graphic intensive applications can bring their console and their desktop levels 64 bit graphics easily to the iPhone platform, and this when enabled breakthroughs in performance for graphic intense games and things that we love to play and use all day long in our iPhones. Now that sounds great but what’s really amazing is when you see it for the first time. And so we’re super excited for [invite-up] from Epic Games, Donald Mustard, co-founder, Chair Entertainment. Donald?

Donald Mustard – Co-founder, Chair Entertainment

Good morning. I can hardly believe that it’s been three years since we first introduced the world to Infinity Blade. With touch gameplay designed from the ground up for these amazing Apple devices, Infinity Blade II and II have delighted tens of millions of players and won countless awards. Today, my brother Jeremy and I are thrilled to unveil the epic conclusion to the Infinity Blade trilogy and we’re going to show you something that’s never been seen before on a mobile device until now.

We begin our journey in the hideout, which serves as a hub for players to access any of the eight new worlds in Infinity Blade III. Let’s take a look at a few those worlds now.

Now in Infinity Blade III, you play as two characters. This is Isha, a stealthy warrior thief. Each of these environments is huge, extremely detailed and filled with rich and rewarding gameplay, and each of these areas is as big or bigger than the entirety of the first Infinitely Blade. Now this is all running real time with each of these complex environments being loaded almost instantly. That’s over five times faster than on an iPhone 5.

The 64-bit architecture of the A7 chip is so efficient. I literally did a double take the first time I saw how fast it loaded. Now typically converting software to 64-bit is a lengthy painstaking process, but with Apple’s excellent tools, it took you how long, Jeremy? Two hours by himself.

Now the Sirius and Isha have joined forces to take down the deathless and the worker of secrets. With OpenGL ES 3.0 we can now combine advanced rendering effects that you’ve only before seen in film, things like depth of field and blur and fullscreen vignettes. We can even now add lens flares that would make JJ Abrams proud.

So Infinity Blade is known for its big epic boss battles. But we want to do something bigger, something that would even make this troll afraid for its life. Now this new boss eats the old boss for lunch. Now remember this is running real time. This is absolutely not a movie. Jeremy is fighting this dragon right now on the iPhone 5s.

Okay. So when we first got our hands on the new iPhone, I was blown away by how much we could throw at it. We literally just kept turning on feature after feature and still there was power to spare. For example, we were able to add four times the detail to this dragon. Now once you notice the rose of razor-sharp teeth and the ridges of bony spine of its back, I really think that this represents a sea change for our industry.

Infinity Blade III will yet again completely redefine the boundaries of mobile gaming and it’s only possible because of the power of the new iPhone. And best of all we’ve just finished putting the final touches on Infinity Blade III. And it will be available in the App Store alongside the new iPhone 5s.

Phil Schiller – Senior Vice President, Worldwide Marketing

I hope you are blown away, I am. That is a level of graphics performance you’ve never before seen on a mobile device. Thanks to this incredible new software running on this amazing A7 chip. But that’s not the end of the story in the architecture, there’s more to it.

We have a completely new part in the iPhone, we call it M7. It works alongside A7. It is a motion co-processor. What does that do? Well, it takes advantage of all these great sensors and it continually measures the data coming from them without even having to wake up A7 chip. It measures from the accelerometer, the gyroscope, and the compass. And with new software and applications you’re going to get a whole new level of health and fitness solutions never before possible on a mobile phone. We’re updating our core motion API inside iOS 7 to read this data and provide it to applications and it can characterize and analyze the data to tell applications whether you’re stationary, walking, running, driving and provide that to enable you to take applications to help you make life more fit and healthy. And we’ve been working with developers to do this. They’re doing some amazing work. Like to tell you about one of them.

Nike. The great team at Nike is creating a new application called Nike+ Move. It’s all about helping athletes stay motivated, to be fit and active throughout their day. It uses the new M7 chip and core motion API as well as GPS, help keep track over the kind of activities you are taking part in throughout the day and where you’re doing it. It gives you Nike Fuel points, lets you compete with friends over Game Center, all in service of having you have a more healthy and active lifestyle throughout your day. It’s really cool.

So A7, M7, a lot more performance, a lot more graphics, motion data. What about battery life? We’re really happy to tell you the team has done a phenomenal job. They built a battery life that’s equal or greater the iPhone 5 had. 10 hours 3G talk time, 8 hours 3G browsing, 10 hours LTE browsing, Wi-Fi browsing, video playback, 40 hours of music listening, up to 250 hours of standby. So that’s the first of our breakthrough new technologies in the iPhone 5s. 64-bit class architecture, an incredible performance of A7 and M7.

Second, the camera system. People love taking photos with their iPhones and its iSight camera and it does a phenomenal job. We want it to get smarter and better at helping us take phenomenal pictures. It used to be the way you take better pictures is you learn to be a better photographer. You get bigger cameras, bigger lenses. You learn about all the techniques of light meters and gels and filters and you can spend your lifetime studying how to take advantage of this and make it work for you.

And for the people who want to do that, that’s great but for most of us, we just want to take a picture, have the iPhone take a better picture for us. And we have some huge advancements in technology with iPhone 5s to do just that.

First, starts with the hardware. A new camera system. You have a new five-element Apple designed lens that has a larger F2.2 aperture, lets more light onto the sensor. We have new sensor as well that has a 15% larger active area.

Now our competitors would just pack more pixels on that, make them ever smaller to get some stout on the spec sheet. That’s not what we do.

We know a secret. We know it’s actually bigger pixels that make a better picture. And the pixels on this sensor are 1.5 microns in size, larger than the iPhone 5 and much larger than most competitive phones. They often have 1.0 or 1.1 micron size pixels. With a bigger pixel, they let in more light, get a better dynamic range of color and less noise in the image, all to make a better photograph.

The new software in iOS 7 has been designed to take advantage of this new sensor as well as the image — the image capabilities of the A7 chip which are remarkable. Let me give you examples of some of the things this new camera app is doing automatically for you. When you launch the camera app, before you even take a picture, it’s automatically setting a light balance, getting the right colors for you. It’s automatically setting the exposure level to get the right brightness level. For the first time it’s creating a dynamic local tone map around the image, so you can get better highlights and shadows in the image. For the first time, it’s doing autofocus, matrix metering with 15 focus zones. This is DSLR level stuff to get a sharper image.

And then when you do take a picture unbeknownst to you, it actually takes multiple photos. It instantly analyzes them in real time for which is the sharpest, and that’s what you see on your screen. It is completely automatic and much smarter and more capable than ever before. And it doesn’t stop with that. It has a new flash as well. We call it True Tone flash.

When you take a flash picture, I am sure many of you know that the ambient light whether you are outside, in a room varies in its color temperature. For example, a florescent light is cooler or bluer; incandescent light is warmer or more amber. Whatever color your flash is it’s going to clash with the color of the lighting in the room and give you a photo that doesn’t look quite right, especially skin tones because skin is so reflective. For flash in the iPhone 5s solves for this. It actually has two LEDs, one, a cooler white one and another a warmer amber one and in real time it analyzes the scene, can present the color flash of over 1000 color variations to give exactly the right color flash for the room or situation you’re in. This is the first time it has ever been done, not just on a phone but a camera of any kind. It’s truly a breakthrough.

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So before using a phone that has a camera with a single LED, you might get a photo like this. You see it has a warm incandescent light. The skin tones don’t look right at all. The wood table looks too orange, the jeans are too blue and not right. That’s really hard to fix later with editing. This is un-retouch photos right off the iPhone 5s in the same scene. You see much more natural skin tones, the wood table looks great. That’s one of the great new features in the camera system.

Here’s another one. For the first time the iPhone Auto Image Stabilization. We’ve all run into situations like this: in a room maybe a little bit less ambient light, the subject is moving, it needs a long exposure to get a picture but that means you’re going to blur on your photo. So this isn’t a keeper, you got to get rid of this photo. But in the iPhone 5s, to get a much sharper image in the same situation, what is it doing? It actually with a single press of the shutter takes multiple photos that’s able to combine them for the right exposure level but select the part to the image that could be sharpest on that short exposure time, all done instantly in real time.

Here is another great feature of this camera system. A fun new burst mode. When you go to take your picture, if you hold down on the shutter button, it’ll burst a bunch of photos. It can actually take 10 frames a second for as long as you hold your finger on the shutter. So it can work like this.

So in two seconds we just took 20 photos with that scene. This is great for action shots or maybe you’re just taking a still of have some kids that are fidgeting and moving around. Now if every time you did this you have to go into your camera roll and sort through all those photos, well the fun would be lost. But the team has done a brilliant job. Using the A7 chip in real time as you took those photos, it analyzed them for a number of variables that checks on exposure, sharpness whether our face is in the scene, whether they’re smiling, whether they are blinking and when you go to the camera roll it presents where things might be your favorite shot out of all the shots. You don’t have to select them, you can go inside and select any of the other ones you want, they’re all there but it picks the best one. If it notices a shot like this one that wasn’t an action sequence it will pick a couple shots to represent the major motions in the action, so you have a few photos from the whole series, all done in real time automatically.

One more great camera feature I want to tell you about – slowmo. So we have a video camera you can select in the camera app. You have a second one called a slow-motion camera. You select that one and then you can create scenes with slow motion like this.

With the iPhone 5s does in that situation it’s capturing HD video at 720p at 120 frames a second. Now normal video is 30 frames a second and you can go in and select right on the screen what part you want to be normal speed, what you want to be slow-motion, and instantly create it, yet it looks completely natural and there is no loss of quality as you move in and out of normal and slow speed, and then you just share with your family and friends.

Now all of these great features and technologies are simply in service of taking a beautiful picture. So we have a few photos I like to walk through here and show you that are all taken right off an iPhone 5s, not edited retouched in anyway. So here are some examples: just a beautiful macro shot, you see a great dynamic range of color in this image.

So that is the new iSight camera and the iPhone 5s.

The third feature is all about security. Now we have so much personal information on our devices that we want to protect. I miss the old days when documents were actually paper and you can lock them up in places and protect them. But we know that’s not the world we live in anymore. We have so much of our personal life on these devices, our contacts, our emails, access to our accounts, our photos and they are with us everywhere we go. So we have to protect them.

The most common way, of course, is to set up a passcode. Simple four-digit passcode or more complex one if you want. This is something you do dozens of times a day to unlock and get access to your phone. Unfortunately some people find that’s too cumbersome and they don’t set it up. In fact, in our research, about half of smartphone customers do not set up a passcode on the device and they really, really should. That’s why the team’s worked so hard in a brand new technology to make this easy and fun to do. And it’s called Touch ID.

Touch ID uses a key you have with you everywhere you go. Your finger. More specifically your fingerprint which is unique to each of us. It reads your fingerprint at an incredibly detailed level, and that’s because of a brand new sensor called the Touch ID sensor. It’s a touch capacitive sensor, it’s super thin, 107 microns thin. It’s just thicker than a human air. Yet it’s very high resolution, 500 pixels per inch, it scans through the outer layers of your epidermis right to the inner live layers to get a better image of your actual fingerprint. You can teach it about more than one finger if you want, maybe use it right-handed or left-handed. And no matter what orientation you use to train it, you can turn your finger and don’t have to worry about it because it can read any orientation.

But probably the most brilliant things the team did was where they put this new sensor. Right into the home button that we use all day long. This is really smart. The home button still has a tactile switch just like before, so it works the way you use to but it also now includes the Touch ID sensor. Around it is the stainless steel detection ring. So the sensor knows when to read your fingerprint just by the fact that your finger is on the button. You don’t even have to click it. On top of it’s protected the sapphire lens, it’s hard and also provides a better image down on the Touch ID sensor.

Now Touch ID has been built deeply into iOS 7. And the team has made it really fun and easy for you to teach your iPhone 5s about your fingerprint and once you do, you can simply touch the home button to unlock your phone. And it’s something that’s a joy to do all day every day and leave on always. And since it’s built-in, it seems also figure out how to use it to make iTunes purchases, which of course is a different passcode but you can just use the same finger to authenticate music, applications, books, TV shows and movies, all with just a touch of your finger.

So that is Touch ID – the third of our forward-thinking technologies in the iPhone 5s, has the new A7 chip with its 64-bit desktop class architecture, the all-new iSight camera system with its true Tone Flash and dozens of new features that make picture-taking better and easier than ever and Touch ID deep integration, security features based on your fingerprint. Throughout this you’ve heard about iOS 7 in ways you haven’t heard before, in addition to all the great user experience and great features, now you know that iOS 7 has also been created to fully support iPhone 5s with a 64-bit architecture and integration of Touch ID at deep level of the system and all that camera capability with the image processing and the A& chip. This is our most forward-thinking phone yet, as the iPhone 5s again in silver, gold and space gray. It starts with a 16-gigabyte configuration at just $199, 32 gigabytes at $299, the massive 64 gigabytes at $399, again on a standard two-year contract.

In addition to that, the team has made sort of cases that fit the character of this phone so well. They are leather cases, dyed in these five gorgeous colors. Just $39 each and is also a beautiful product red one as well. It’s really great. Like all of our products, it’s really important that we designed iPhone 5s to be environmentally friendly. Others don’t talk about this but we’re going to continue to because it matters so much. Arsenic free display glass, mercury-free display, BFR free, PVC-free and highly recyclable with its high-grade aluminum glass.

So now you’ve seen our two new phone lines. iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s. The 5c in these gorgeous new colors, 5s is beautiful metal finishes and packed with these forward-thinking technologies. The 5c starts at just $99, the 5s at $199. We’re also going to keep a model of the iPhone 4s and 8 gigabyte configuration in the line. Many carriers will be offering that for free, their two-year contracts. So this is the first time we are launching and rolling out two new lines of iPhone.

So how are we going to do that? Starting on Friday September 13, that’s this Friday you will be able to order the iPhone 5c, pre-order it online. Then a week later, September 20th you will start to be able to purchase both the iPhone 5c and the iPhone 5s in channels in the United States, Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Japan, Singapore and the United Kingdom. This is the first time we’ve been able to launch an iPhone at the start with the other countries in China and we are so proud of the work that the team has done here in the US and in China to make that possible. It’s really great.

And in Japan, we are going to launch with our great friends at SoftBank and KDDI and also for the first time with NTT DoCoMo. By the end of the year, we’re going to work hard to bring it out into 200 countries and over 270 carrier partners around the world. So that’s iPhone, and let me turn it back to Tim.

Tim Cook – CEO, Apple

Thanks, Phil. These iPhones are packed with remarkable technologies but we’ve done that in a way that really matters to people, making things easier and better for our users. We don’t just pack in feature after feature. Instead we think deeply about what kind of experience we want to create and then create technologies that enable that experience. It’s really an amazing start of prowess – iOS 7, the biggest change to iOS since the original iPhone.

iPhone 5c, an advancement of iPhone 5 with an entirely new design that feels great in your hand and color done in a way that only Apple could do. iPhone 5s, the most advanced iPhone ever with our most forward-thinking technologies.

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