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Apple iPhone 7 Keynote – September 2016 Launch Event (Full Transcript)

Starting to run has never been easier and we give you a short cut that takes you straight into your run. And if you prefer you can just tell Siri to start a run and off you go. It’s that simple. But when you go out for a run you don’t want to be distracted. So we give you just what you need at a glance: your distance or your pace on a big clear screen. And if you’re the type, though, who really wants a lot of detail, we’ve always got advanced mode just for you.

But one of the biggest hurdles that all runners face is actually motivation. So we started with the simple idea of an invitation: are we running today? And we motivate you through insightful invitations personalized just for you. Been a few days since your last run. Maybe the weather isn’t perfect or it is perfect today, you can get out. And if your friends have a head start we’ll let you know. ‘Jeff’s got two miles ahead. Clearly I got to catch up’.

We also know that those who run on Sundays are more active and will be more active throughout the rest of the week. So every Sunday we invite you to join runners from all around the world to run at your own pace wherever you are. We call it Just Do It Sundays. With invitations like these, running is made easier and simply a part of your life.

But it doesn’t end there. With this watch, you are also a part of Nike+ Run Club which gives you personalized coaching, recommends the best gear for you and gives you access to live runs in cities and communities all around the globe. With the Apple Watch Nike+, the world’s best running club comes to life with everyone and everything you need to be better.

Now, most devices today they focus solely on data and metrics, not this one. The Apple Watch Nike+ focuses on you and your life. It’s a powerful device with a simple solution: your perfect running partner. And it’s available in four amazing cool colors and we can’t wait for you to try it out. Thank you.

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It’s a journey that we’re on together and this is really just the start of exciting things to come. Thanks very much.

Jeff Williams – COO, Apple

Thanks Trevor. I feel faster already. We’re really excited to bring Apple Watch Nike+ to the world’s largest community of runners. Apple Watch Series 2 will be priced at $369. Apple Watch Nike+ will also be priced at $369 and we’re keeping in the line our original Apple Watch but we’ve done something with it. We’ve added the same dual-core processor that’s in Series 2, so it’s just as snappy and we’re calling it Series 1 and it starts at just $269. You can pre-order both Series 1 and Series 2 on September 9. watchOS 3 is available on the September 13, and the watches will go on sale, both Series 1 and Series 2 the following week. Apple Watch Nike+ will be available late October.

That’s Apple Watch. Back to you, Tim.

Tim Cook – CEO, Apple Inc.

Thank you, Jeff. We are so proud of the Apple Watch and the unbelievable positive response from the users and we can’t wait for people to get their hands on the new one.

iPhone 7

Next up is iPhone. iPhone is the industry gold standard, the phone by which all other smartphones are compared. The iPhone has transformed the way we do things every day and the process has become truly a cultural phenomenon, touching so many lives from people all around the world. And there is a reason why you see so many iPhones everywhere you look. We’ve now sold over 1 billion of them. This makes iPhone the best selling product of its kind in the history of the world.

Now iPhone, like all of our products at Apple, provide users the best experience available by tightly integrating hardware, software and services. And of course, the software that powers iPhone is iOS, the world’s most advanced mobile operating system. We’re about to launch iOS 10 which is our biggest iOS release ever. It is jam packed with new features to enrich your daily experiences. For instance, you can simply just lift your iPhone to wake it. We’ve added Siri capability for apps from the App Store. So I can say, ‘give me a lift to SFO’. You can book a ride with just by voice. We’ve added even more intelligence through machine learning into our QuickType keyboard with contextual prediction. Maps has been beautifully redesigned and you can use apps here as well to book a reservation or book a ride all without leaving the Maps app.

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I’d like to take a moment and talk about HomeKit. This is a huge moment for home automation. This is the first time that home automation has been integrated into a major platform and it all starts here with a Home app which makes it unbelievably easy to set up and manage devices throughout the home whether you’re at home or away.

With iOS 10 you can manage your home right from Control Center and with Siri as well. And HomeKit now supports accessories across all of the major categories of home automation from garage door to security at everything in between. And virtually every major manufacturer of home automation devices now supports HomeKit. In fact, there’s over a hundred products coming to market this year, and so many more in the pipeline. All you have to do is look for this label: ‘Works with Apple HomeKit’. They’re super easy to set up and use with the new Home app in iOS 10. We’re really excited about HomeKit and we think this is going to be a really big deal.

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