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Apple Keynote iPhone 5 – Special Event September 2012 (Full Transcript)

Think about it. Sound is so important to our products. We integrate sound and speakers and they’re just about everything we sell. We have speakers in our MacBooks, our iMacs, our iPhones, our iPads, our iPod touch, all come with speakers. But we also include speakers in these things, headphones. And to date, we’ve shipped well over 600 million sets of headphones. So if you’re doing the math, that means over 1.2 billion little speakers. And doing a great headphone is hard because ears are really, really challenging. Everybody’s ears are different but you got to make one size fit all. So that’s why we’ve spent three years in designing an entirely new headphone, and we call them EarPods. And for the moment you see them, you’ll see that not only they beautiful, they look unlike any headphone you’ve ever seen before. And we even made the controls bigger and easier to use. But we made a video even give you better ideas to what it took to create a breakthrough in both comfort and audio quality that the EarPods represent. So I’d love to run the video. The human ear is so unique. No two are alike. Making one headphone to fit everybody’s ears would be like trying to make one pair of shoes to fit everybody’s feet. I mean, it’s impossible. But that’s exactly what we tried to do with the new EarPods. Everything about their design is focused on delivering incredible sound of comfort. It’s part of an exhaustive research and development effort.

We three-dimensionally scanned hundreds of ears and look for a commonality. From that, we were able to determine a common volume. This was our starting point to developing a form to fit a broad range of ears. The shape of the EarPod is actually defined by the geometry of your ear. They rest comfortably in your ears, but they don’t create a seal the way in-ear headphones do. EarPods are designed to intentionally direct sound right into the ear canal. To optimize the acoustics, we’ve built in a series of ports, each with its own unique purpose. A port in the back tunes midframe frequencies and provide a consistent listening experience from one person to the next.

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To provide rich powerful bass, we built ports into the stem that actually work in sympathy with the speaker. By letting air flow in and out of the acoustic chamber, they relieve pressure in and out of the speaker to move more freely producing greater low frequency sound. Sound is so important to the way that you experience an Apple product so we wanted to make a headphone that was absolutely the very best it could be.

So the new EarPods, I think the music lovers are really going to love this. And of course what we want to do is to make this available as soon as possible. So we’re going to start shipping this as a stand-alone accessory. So people can start upgrading their music listening experience right away, this would be available starting today. But you might have guessed that we want to include this with the couple of our products as well. So we’ll be including EarPods with the new 5th generation iPod touch, we’ll be including them with the new 7th generation iPod nano, and of course with the new iPhone 5. All include the new EarPods.

So, let’s review what we did today and go over a line up for the fall for the holidays. So we have the iPod Shuffle, still 2 gigabytes starting at only $49 but with 7 new colors. The iPod nano we’re making available on one high capacity 16 gigabyte model for $149, again, 7 beautiful colors. We’re going to keep the 4th generation iPod touch in the line up, but we’re going to double its memory, now have 16 gigabytes and iOS 6 over 200 new features at $199. And you can double your memory from there to 32 gigabytes for $50 more to $249. And the new iPod touch with its 6 millimeter design, A5 chip, 4 inch retina display, iSight camera, 5 colors, EarPods and more, for only $50 more than that, so 32 gigabytes for $299. And we’re going to make the new Nano and the new touch available next month, in October. And that is our lineup for the fall. We hope you love this as much as we love it because it’s the best iPods we’ve ever done. And we do have one more color for each of these as well. There are red ones.

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These are our product red models that we make available on our Apple retail and our Apple online store and we give a portion of the profits of these products to fight AIDS in Africa. And to date, Apple has contributed over $50 million to this important cause. So hopefully you’ll buy one of these as well. So that’s our iPod lineup. I’d like to turn the show back over to Tim.

Tim Cook – CEO, Apple Inc.

So that’s iPod and iTunes. They are a great duo. Now, we do love music and we love this new lineup of iPods. We’re so excited about them that we created an ad and I’d like to run it for you this morning.

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