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Apple Keynote iPhone 5 – Special Event September 2012 (Full Transcript)

First, iPhone 5 is the thinnest phone we have ever made. It is the lightest as well. The new iPhone 5 is just 7.6 millimeters thin, that’s 18% thinner than the iPhone 4S. And best of all, it’s the world’s thinnest smartphone. It also weighs just 112 grams, that’s 20% lighter, 1/5th lighter than the iPhone 4S. 4Volumetrically, it’s smaller as well.

So before we get into it, this is the monumental challenge the team had. Can you make a phone that has everything the iPhone 4S has before we even talk about new features and the design that’s thinner, lighter and smaller than the previous product? It is really easy to make a new product that’s bigger. Everyone does that, that’s not the challenge. The challenge is to make it better and smaller. So let’s start with the product.

It starts of course with the display. iPhone 5 is a retina display, the same 326 pixels per inch and it is a stunning display in every way. Every iPhone to date has had a 3.5- inch screen but the new screen on iPhone 5 is a 4-inch display. In terms of pixels, it’s 1,136x 640, so the same width but taller giving it a natural 16:9 aspect ratio.

But why would we design it that way? What is the design center for a phone? It’s this, it’s your hand. A phone should feel great in your hand and more importantly, should be easy to use with this magical device we all carry called a horizontally opposed thumb. It does most of the hard work for us. So when you carry your phone, it should fit beautifully in your hand. It should be easy to send messages, type e-mails, surf the web and it’s just how we designed iPhone 5. This display is simply amazing.

Let’s zoom in a little closer. You see with the vertical pixels now we’re able to add a fifth row of icons to your home screen, so more apps on every screen. And all the software that comes on the iPhone 5 has been updated to take advantage of this display, so you see more of the web when you’re surfing Safari. You see more of your e-mail and mail. Your calendar shows more events. And as you probably know when you turn your calendar sideways in the iPhone, it automatically goes into week view, and now you see a full five-day work week where previously it was just over three days. It’s a really useful view. And all of our software is being updated as well to take advantage of this display, our iWork applications. So Keynote, Pages, Numbers, all take advantage of this gorgeous display. Our iLight software as well, iPhoto, iMovie, GarageBand, there’s much more room to work and play.

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And Tim told you the 700,000 applications in the App Store, what happens with all of them? Well, this is part of the brilliance of the design. Here is an application that has not been updated because the developer didn’t know yet about iPhone 5, it’s exactly how it would run when you launch it. It runs at the same size as it does on every previous iPhone. You don’t have to stretch it or scale it. It fits perfectly with the same dimensions. We center it or we just subtly place black borders on either side of it that you don’t even notice. It works exactly as the developer intended it to.

The same is true in the vertical position as well. So all your software works just like before. Now we have given some of the developers early access to take a peek at the iPhone 5 and this new 4-inch retina display and to see what they’ll do with their applications and what we learned is two things. One, they can update their apps very quickly. And number two, when they want to, they don’t want to just make it bigger, they want to do more with this display.

So let me just show you two quick examples before and after of two popular applications. First, CNN, this is the application if you use it like many of us do, it’s working just like they used to. But now with their update, they take more advantage of that beautiful display, have more areas to present their stories, just a better application.

Here’s a second example. OpenTable, you’ve likely used this to make reservations. This is how it is currently, it works just like before and here is their new update, taking advantage of this gorgeous display. They’ve updated to show restaurants, they’ve actually applied some of the techniques and user interface of their iPad app into the iPhone now with a larger display area and everything you do looks gorgeous on this display. Photos, TV shows, of course movies take advantage of that beautiful wide screen display. But I say it looks better, they really do look better. This display has 44% more color saturation than the iPhone 4S display. And if you know about this stuff, this takes now — us to full sRGB color specification. So this is the most accurate display in the industry, and the engineering team went much further than that. They did some breakthrough work and have integrated the touch sensors right into the display itself. Others put a layer part in a layer on top. By doing this, we make it 30% thinner than the previous display and we remove a layer making the image sharper, having less glare in sunlight. This truly is the world’s most advanced display, we couldn’t be prouder of it. And that’s the first feature in the new iPhone 5.

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