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Apple Macbook Pro ‘Hello Again’ – Special Event October 2016 Keynote (Full Transcript)

Thanks, Tim. The new TV app is the first place I go when I turn on my Apple TV. It brings the shows and movies from all my video apps all into one place.

So I start off in Watch Now where the focus is on Up Next. It has all the TV shows and movies that I’m currently watching from across all of my apps. You can see what’s up next along the bottom and get a little more context for each in the top right. So for example, I bought Sing Street on iTunes but didn’t finish watching. And as you can see, Up Next lets me continue from where I left off. For shows that I’m binging on like “Homeland” on Showtime, the next episode is right here ready for me to start. And for currently airing shows that I’m watching like “The Big Theory” on CBS, Up Next shows me the newest episode once it’s available. It’s so great to finally have one place to go for everything I’m watching. But it doesn’t end there.

When I want to discover something new, I just swipe down. Our editors have selected the absolute best content and showcase it in What to Watch and the TV and Movie Spotlights. And since all of these is content from my apps, it means I can just play everything I see here. I can choose to browse by category or get a look even further into the catalogue available to me through these hand curated collections.

So, if you’re one that hasn’t seen “Game of Thrones” yet, now is a great time to start. And with Watch Now I just click play. I’m taken straight to HBO NOW and the show starts.

[Video Clip]

So since I’m watching in HBO NOW, pressing menu takes me to the show details from within the app. And I can get back to TV just by pressing the TV button. As you can see, “Game of Thrones” was automatically added to the front of Up Next, so it’s easy for me to pick up later. So that’s Watch Now. It’s the best place for me to continue watching and browse new TV shows and movies across my apps.

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Now moving over to the library view, I have all of my iTunes purchases and rentals all in one place. And now you get a sneak peek at some of my guilty pleasures like the “Real Housewives“. True story. When I’m in the mood for something completely new, I head over to the store where I can explore great new content to add to Watch Now. There’s new movies available from iTunes and all of these apps that I can just sign up to access. So when I find one that I like, I can just click to install. In just a few seconds, the app installs on my Apple TV and it will automatically download to all of my other devices so I can watch wherever I want.

So here within STARZ, I can easily sign up or if I’m all ready authenticated using Apple’s new single sign on feature, I’ll instantly get access to all the great content they have right here in the app. And when I go back to TV, I can see that Watch Now has automatically been updated as well to include the best of STARZ like “Power” and “Star Wars: The Force Awakens.” And the TV app doesn’t just work on my Apple TV. It’s on my iPhone and iPad as well, which is great for when I’m on the road or just relaxing in my backyard.

So let’s switch to my iPad. So here’s the new TV app. It has everything that was in the previous videos app right here in my library and we’ve added all the same features I’ve just shown on Apple TV, including Watch Now. So in Up Next you can see that “Game of Thrones” episode we just played, as well as all my other shows and movies. And we have all that same great curated content as well.

Now of course, Siri works great with the TV app. For shows that I’m watching, I can just say play “Brooklyn Nine-Nine“.

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[Siri: OK, here is Brooklyn Nine-Nine.]

[Video clip: Three ET, 5 minutes late. Yikes. But I had to stop to get some wine. Hello good, sir. I’d like your finest bottle of wine, please? That will be $1600. Great, I’d like your $8est bottle of wine, please. It’s from the finest vineyard in Arkansas.]

So Siri knows exactly which episode I was on and picked up right where I left off.

Let’s switch back to my Apple TV. So once again, you can see that Up Next was automatically updated with that episode we just played on my iPad. So that’s the new TV app. It brings the best shows and movies from all my video apps all into one place. And it works across Apple TV, iPhone, and iPad. It’s going to completely change how we watch television.

Now, I’d like to talk about another important category and that’s live. Apple TV has so many amazing apps that are great for tuning in to live news and sports. And today, Siri is making it easier than ever to watch the live content that you want. So now I can say things like watch CBS News.

[Siri: Running two masterpieces by –]

Siri tunes in straight to what’s live on CBS. Now since I’m watching in the app, I can get more news just by swiping up, and choose a different story just by clicking.

[Video clip: 911. What’s the address of the emergency?

We got a guy who just stole a bike here at Walmart. I got him roped and tied to a tree.]


[The cavalry arrived moments later.]

So that’s great when I know what channel I want. But what about when I just want to watch my favorite sport. So let’s say it’s Saturday and you know what that means, college football day. All I need to do is tell Siri to turn on the game. Watch the Louisville game. Siri knows which app has the game and takes me straight to the action.

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