Apple Macbook Pro ‘Hello Again’ – Special Event October 2016 Keynote (Full Transcript)

And so, I’d like to add more color. And to do that, I’m going to need to do some brushing. But first, I’m going to go into my Touch Bar, I’m going to choose my favorites, and then I’m going to add a new layer, and then I’m going to go into full screen. Now, full screen is amazing as was just said. This is great. I have no panels, I have no menus and I can 100% focus on my image. And thanks to the Touch Bar, I can get a lot more done in this view mode.

So, brushing is so important to so many workflows in Photoshop that we actually created a mode of the Touch Bar just for brush control. And here, I can adjust the size of my brush and I’ll adjust how hard it is. And then, I’ll also adjust the flow of color through my brush.

Now, speaking of color, you may know, there are a lot of ways to choose color in Photoshop. But my new favorite by far is with the Touch Bar. This is absolutely awesome. Down here, I can keep my right hand dedicated on the Touch Bar — I mean, on the Trackpad just for painting and not doing any pointing or picking. And my left hand is just kind of sliding across this Touch Bar. It’s really awesome. It almost feels like you’re playing a musical instrument, and it’s kind of hard to stop. But I will stop.

OK, here we are. So, this is looking pretty good but my color isn’t really blending very well with the layer below that. And to do that — to fix that, I’m going to switch back into the layer properties and I’m going to change the blend mode. Now normally choosing a blend mode in Photoshop is a lot of clicking and trying and hoping and guessing. But with the Touch Bar, it can either be a scroll or a couple of taps. And this is really great, really opens us up to a lot of creative experimentation and leaves room for serendipity to happen. There, I can kind of like this. This is pretty good. What do you guys think? All right.

Now, I’ve been doing all of these blending and cutting and painting completely fearlessly because I know that right here in my Touch Bar, I can scroll all the way back through my visual history and pick up anywhere along the way without losing any of my work.

All right. And so, that — that is a preview of the new amazing synergy between Photoshop and the new MacBook Pro with Touch Bar. And we hope to have it in the hands of our Photoshop users before the end of the year.

Thank you.

Phil Schiller – SVP, Worldwide Marketing at Apple

Thank you, Bradee. And that’s incredible. Photoshop just flies in the new MacBook Pro. And you can see now how with two-hand operations, one on Trackpad, one on Touch Bar, creates a new experience that we think customers are going to love using on the MacBook Pro.

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For our third demo, we like to bring up a music application. There’re so many incredible professional music applications on the Mac, and we thought we’d pick a really fun one. So, we’re so excited for you to see DJ Pro. And to demo for you, we have Karim Morsy, CEO of Algoriddim. Karim?

Karim Morsy – CEO of Algoriddim

Thanks, Phil. Good morning everyone. You might know our app djay on iOS, it won an Apple Design Award, and it’s used by millions of DJs around the world. I’ve been a DJ for almost 20 years. And I’ve gone turntables and vinyl all the way to digital.

The MacBook Pro is the standard for professional DJs. And we use dedicated controllers when we perform live on stage. Well, with the Touch Bar, we now have one built right into the Mac. With multi-touch and dynamic controls, the Touch Bar enables the next generation DJ software. Let’s dive right in.

On the Touch Bar, you have access to the core functionality of DJ Pro. Here is the sampler. The sampler allows me to trigger sound effects on top of my mix.

Now, let’s create a loop. And using multi-touch, I can simultaneously apply a filter. Now, let’s zoom into the wave form. Here, I can scratch and I can precisely find the cue points to start my song. I’ll set one here.

  1. Now, we’re ready to perform entirely with the Touch Bar. Let’s take it for a spin.


And this was all done right on the Touch Bar. It’s a revolutionary tool for DJs. An update to djay Pro is coming later this year and we absolutely can’t wait for you to check it out.

Thank you.

Phil Schiller – SVP, Worldwide Marketing at Apple

Thank you, Karim. I mean, he absolutely killed it in that. That song was so much fun to listen to. And I’m sure you got it that he was using both hands simultaneously on Touch bar because with its multi-touch input, it can support up to 10 inputs from your fingers. That’s incredibly powerful.

And there are so many great developers that have started working on their apps for the new MacBook Pro as well as Touch Bar, and they’re doing remarkable things. For example, Microsoft is working to bring all of Microsoft Office to MacBook Pro with incredible Touch Bar support. So, you’re going to see Touch Bar built in for Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and even Skype for business. They’re doing a great job for Microsoft Office complete support for MacBook Pro and Touch Bar. There are so many great tools. Tools for graphic designers like Affinity Designer supporting Touch Bar and MacBook Pro. For photographers like Pixelmator. For user interface designers with Sketch, high-end video editing and color grading with DaVinci Resolve and on and on, so many great professional applications are going to take unique advantage of this incredible new experience. And that’s what the MacBook Pro is. It’s an entirely new experience, it’s the gold standard of notebooks, it’s a brand new design. And we have a brief video to tell you a little bit more about it.

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[Video clip: (Voice-over) The new MacBook Pro combines the fundamental qualities of an ultraportable device with uncompromising performance. With our new design, the product’s overall volume has been reduced dramatically. This results in an extremely purposeful and powerful creative tool. It has the best Retina display we’ve ever put in a notebook. A precisely designed LED spectrum projects through a metal oxide backplane. This yields a remarkably bright high contrast picture with a wider color gamut. The larger Force Touch Trackpad now provides an expansive area for a whole range of gestures. We’ve continued to refine our keyboard design to be more accurate and efficient. Dome switches beneath each key have been optimized for a more responsive feel. We’re introducing a new way to interact with your notebook. A multi-touch bar provides a more intuitive, more immediate connection to your content. Commands that were once hidden are now visible, easily accessible and also customizable. In each application, the most relevant controls are displayed dynamically allowing you to work with greater efficiency. This is also the first Mac with Touch ID. This seamless integration of hardware and software is truly unique to Apple. The speakers have also been completely redesigned to maximize air displacement and project high fidelity room-filling sound. At its core, pro level processes integrated with high speed system memory and storage technologies make everything you do faster and more responsive. In a notebook this powerful, thermal management is critical, thinner, favorably spaced fan blades propel air quietly through a nearly solid structure. The new MacBook Pro achieves a design that optimizes both performance and portability. It marks a milestone in the evolution of the Mac. — Concludes]

The new MacBook Pro runs our latest version of macOS, Sierra. And Sierra takes full advantage of all the MacBook Pro has to offer: its wide color display, its Touch Bar, Touch ID and so much more. And the hardware and software working together in these super thin and light notebooks deliver all day battery life. Up to 10 hours of battery life in both the 13-inch and the 15-inch. This is an incredible new generation of notebook.

Now, it might be fun to bring back in that first generation of notebook just for comparison. It is remarkable how much has occurred in just 25 years. You may not remember that first PowerBook 170 had a 9.8 inch black and white active matrix 640 by 480 display. It’s incredible now with the 15-inch Retina display how far we have come. That PowerBook 170 had a state-of-the-art 25 megahertz 68030 processor. And we’ve done the math. The new MacBook Pro is 6.8 million times faster.