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Apple Special Event March 25, 2019 (Full Transcript)

CODY: Yep.

BIG BIRD: Oh, well, that’s pretty cool.

CODY: It sure is, Big Bird. Okay, so do you remember those directions to get home?

BIG BIRD: I think so. Do you want to come with me?

CODY: Of course. Let’s go.

BIG BIRD: Okay. Bye‑bye, everybody.

CODY: Bye, everybody!


J.J. ABRAMS: Hello. Thank you. Thank you.

I feel incredibly lucky to be here today to get a chance to collaborate with Sara whose music has moved me for years and with Apple is an actual thrill.

SARA BAREILLES: A couple of years ago I ran into JJ and we talked about my experiences as a singer/songwriter, the struggles, the drama, the insanity, and he asked if I had ever thought about creating a series about that world. I had not at all.

But I heard myself say, yes, JJ, of course, I have.

J.J. ABRAMS: Sara Bareilles is a liar. That’s the message I hope to communicate today. We brought in Jesse Nelson, Sara’s writing partner on the musical Waitress. We talked about music, but also about that terrifying, thrilling, absurdly wonderful, and often embarrassing time, when as a young person you venture out into the world for the first time.

SARA BAREILLES: So this was the beginning of our new series Little Voice, a funny, romantic show about the reality of what is hard and wonderful and transformative about being a young woman who has to ultimately find her voice as an artist but also as a person through music.

J.J. ABRAMS: Sara, of course, might be lying to you.

SARA BAREILLES: Okay. I’m not lying.

The main character is a promising flawed young woman, a musician living in New York in and around a vibrant community of young hopeful artists, family and friends, soulmates and band mates, learning to find herself and her own true voice.

J.J. ABRAMS: Anyone who has ever given everything they have to go after a dream will feel like this show was written for them, and how lucky for the series that Sara is not just a creator and producer but also composer.

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SARA BAREILLES: The theme song says it all.


It’s everything I am and what I’m not and all I’m trying to be.

This is the part where I spit it all out

And you decide what you think of me.

I’m not trying to be complicated.

I’m never waiting to get the last laugh.

But I’ve been handing out benefits of the doubt,

and I’d like a little bit back.

It’s just a little voice.

And if you’re listening, sometimes a little voice can say

the biggest things.

It’s just my little voice that I’ve been missing.

Looking over the precious moments, it hurts, don’t it?

They can cut both ways.

So my savior of self-defense taught me to sing

what I can’t say.

It’s just a little voice.

And if you’re listening, sometimes a little voice can say

the biggest things.

It’s just my little voice that I’ve been missing.

It’s just my little voice that I’ve been missing.


ZACK VAN AMBURG: That was beautiful. Incredible. Thank you, Sara. Sara Bareilles.

As you can imagine, we are honored to be working with such amazing and talented people, and that’s just the beginning. We’ve partnered with the most accomplished storytellers as well as a new generation of the most exciting voices who together will define Apple TV+ as the destination with the highest quality originals.

The original shows and movies will intellectually challenge and thrill, define and redefine our expectations, inspire us, make us laugh, transform our mood and brighten our day, but make us believe anything is possible, from documentaries to dramas, from kids to comedies, the highest quality of storytelling in one single place.

This is Apple TV+.

[Video clip]

It’s great. Thank you. Thank you.

So, that’s a first look at Apple TV+. It’s not just another streaming service. It is the destination where the world’s greatest storytellers will bring their best ideas to life. And you will be able to experience all of these original shows and movies right on the dynamic new Apple TV app.

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And the TV app will deliver Apple TV+ across all of your Apple devices and the biggest screen in your life, on Smart TVs.

So here is a few more details.

Apple TV+ is an ad‑free subscription service. It’s on-demand, available online and offline. Everything is downloadable. The best in entertainment with exclusive original movies and shows, with new additions every single month. It’s available in 100-plus countries. It’s a global service. And it’s all starting this fall.

Apple TV+ will define commitment to quality storytelling, all in one place, on every screen in your life.

JAMIE ERLICHT: We are so excited to share our vision of Apple TV+ and can’t wait for you to experience it for yourself. Thank you, and back to Tim.

ZACK VAN AMBURG: Thanks, everybody.


Tim Cook – CEO, Apple Inc.

Love it!

Thank you, Zack and Jamie.

Apple TV+ looks incredible and we think that it will encourage new ways of looking at the world. This is just a sneak peek, the beginning of something very exciting.

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