Apple Special Event March 25, 2019 (Full Transcript)

Now, to tell you more about Apple News+, I’d like to invite up Roger Rosner, Vice President of Applications. Roger?

Roger Rosner – Vice President of Applications

I’m thrilled to tell you about the new service we are bringing to Apple News.

Our goal for Apple News+ was simple: we wanted to create the best magazine reading experience ever for a mobile device. Apple News+ will bring you over 3,000 magazines across all — I’m sorry, 300 magazines across all sorts of topics, like entertainment, fashion, news, and politics. We’ve got great health magazines, and great lifestyle magazines.

We’ve got magazines for travelers, magazines for foodies, magazines for gear heads. We’ve got magazines for just about every passion under the sun. And Apple News+ is the only place where you will find all these magazines in a single package.

To show it to you, I’d like to invite up Wyatt Mitchell, Apple’s Director of Design for Applications.

Wyatt Mitchell – Director of Design for Applications

Thank you, Roger.

Let’s take a look at the new Apple News+. It all starts with the same great Apple News free experience, and that means it’s got Top Stories, it’s got Trending Stories, and here are my personalized recommendations in for you.

With an Apple News+ subscription, the experience gets even better. It means I get the latest magazines. With this design, we wanted to add the best of the magazine experience into the app, and that starts with the covers. We wanted to make them even more inviting, an entrance into another world, so we created the live cover.

Check this one out from National Geographic. It’s an amazing aerial view — it’s an amazing aerial view of Sydney, Australia, and what looks like an incredible issue. So let’s take a look.

When I tap on the cover, I am taken to the table of contents where I can see all the articles in the issue. I can jump to whichever one I’m interested in like this. And here I land in a National Geographic article, beautifully designed, and full of amazing infographics.

Apple News+ makes the experience of diving into an issue even more fun and exciting. It’s really like having National Geographic designed for my phone. And to get more, I can just tap on the table of contents or I can browse the issue by simply swiping from article to article, like this.

I can read full magazine issues no matter where or when right on my phone.

All right, let me get back to the Today tab. There are more recommendations of articles and issues here, but the place to explore all magazines is the News+ tab. Here we wanted to design a home dedicated to everything about enjoying magazines. I can easily find my favorite titles right here in My Magazines. There is the National Geographic I was just looking at.

Here’s one of my all-time favorites, the New Yorker. I’ll also see suggestions like Popular Science here based on my interests. And recent issues are automatically downloaded so I will already have them before I board a flight.

Scrolling down, here is one of our first looks. It’s the new cover of Rolling Stone featuring some of the stars of Game of Thrones.

Now, everything here is curated by the Apple News editors and personalized, which makes it really easy to discover a great article or explore a topic, like this group of travel stories recommended for me. I have been reading a lot about Costa Rica recently, and while I’m not a regular reader of Marie Claire, I can see that News+ is recommending their article on traveling there, which is really smart and really great.

I will also see featured articles like this one from Wired Magazine, and new issues like this one from Essence with Issa Rae on the cover. Now along with the cover, I can see a few articles from the issue, which makes it really easy to browse. Now I’m going to tap on this cover story because I’m a big fan of her show Insecure. And here we enter another beautifully designed article.

Design plays such a big part of magazines, we really wanted to give the titles their ability to express their own unique look and feel through their design, typography, and photography. And this is really a great example of it. This is Essence designed for the phone.

So it looks great here on the phone. Let’s take a look at it on an iPad.

I’m going to open up the same article on the iPad. And as you can see, the article looks fantastic here too, and nicely adapted to the larger size. And just like on the phone, I can always tap on the table of contents to navigate to another article. I’m going to try this beauty story. And here we have a beautiful photo essay. The iPad really shows off great photography like this.

Now, if I’m looking for something specific or just wanting to browse, I can navigate to the full breadth of the catalog by just tapping here at the top, and here I have hundreds and hundreds of magazines. I can find my sports, my music, my travel. I can find the entire Newsstand that Tim referred to right here on my iPad. And that’s the new Apple News+, the best mobile magazine experience ever.

Back to you, Roger.

Roger Rosner – Vice President of Applications

Thank you, Wyatt.

I think Apple News+ is awesome. No one has ever made digital magazines as gorgeous and readable as this.

Whether you like to read whole issues cover to cover or individual articles, Apple News+ is the best way to read magazines on your device.

But Apple News+ is about more than magazines. Apple News+ also includes some of the most popular premium digital subscriptions like The Skimm. But we didn’t stop there.

Apple News+ also includes the country’s largest metropolitan newspaper and a rising star, the L.A. Times. And I’m super proud to announce that Apple News+ also includes one of the world’s top newspapers, The Wall Street Journal.

And, of course, Apple News+ is built on a foundation of expert human curation and industry‑leading personalization, so finding what you are looking for in that incredible collection of content is as easy as launching Apple News.

When we announced Apple News, we told you we designed it to be private from the ground up, and that’s still true, and it’s even more important today.

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