Apple Special Event March 25, 2019 (Full Transcript)

So it looks great here on the phone. Let’s take a look at it on an iPad.

I’m going to open up the same article on the iPad. And as you can see, the article looks fantastic here too, and nicely adapted to the larger size. And just like on the phone, I can always tap on the table of contents to navigate to another article. I’m going to try this beauty story. And here we have a beautiful photo essay. The iPad really shows off great photography like this.

Now, if I’m looking for something specific or just wanting to browse, I can navigate to the full breadth of the catalog by just tapping here at the top, and here I have hundreds and hundreds of magazines. I can find my sports, my music, my travel. I can find the entire Newsstand that Tim referred to right here on my iPad. And that’s the new Apple News+, the best mobile magazine experience ever.

Back to you, Roger.

Roger Rosner – Vice President of Applications

Thank you, Wyatt.

I think Apple News+ is awesome. No one has ever made digital magazines as gorgeous and readable as this.

Whether you like to read whole issues cover to cover or individual articles, Apple News+ is the best way to read magazines on your device.

But Apple News+ is about more than magazines. Apple News+ also includes some of the most popular premium digital subscriptions like The Skimm. But we didn’t stop there.

Apple News+ also includes the country’s largest metropolitan newspaper and a rising star, the L.A. Times. And I’m super proud to announce that Apple News+ also includes one of the world’s top newspapers, The Wall Street Journal.

And, of course, Apple News+ is built on a foundation of expert human curation and industry‑leading personalization, so finding what you are looking for in that incredible collection of content is as easy as launching Apple News.

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When we announced Apple News, we told you we designed it to be private from the ground up, and that’s still true, and it’s even more important today.

So sometimes people ask us, how do we recommend the best articles for you without compromising your privacy? The answer is we download groups of articles from our servers, and then we use on device intelligence to make recommendations. And that means we don’t know what you read, and in addition to that, we don’t allow advertisers to track you.

So what you read about in Apple News will not follow you across the Web.

So Apple News+, over 300 great magazines, The Wall Street Journal, the L.A. Times, those great premium digital subscriptions. There has literally never been an offer like this before. If you were to subscribe to all of these individually, it would cost you over $8,000 per year. But with Apple News+, you pay $9.99 per month. And that’s not just for you.

We thought this was so important we decided to make this available to your entire family with Family Sharing at no extra charge. Each person in your family gets full access to that incredible catalog on their own devices with their own favorites and their own personal recommendations. It’s an amazing value.

Apple News+ is available today, just download today’s updates of iOS and macOS and launch Apple News and the first month is free.

And in addition to launching in the U.S., I’m happy to say we are also bringing Apple News and Apple News+ to Canada in both English and in French.

And we are adding over 30 great Canadian magazines to Apple News+ along with the top newspaper in Canada, The Star. And later this year, we will be bringing Apple News+ to Australia and we will be coming to Europe starting with the U.K.

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So that’s Apple News+, a premium subscription built right into Apple News that brings you the world’s best publications all in one place, built on the principles that guide all of our services. We are super excited about this. We hope you like it.

Thanks so much!

Tim Cook – CEO, Apple Inc.

This is really important to us. We believe in the power of journalism and the impact it can have on our lives. We want to make a valuable contribution to the industry and to society as a whole. We think Apple News+ is going to be great for customers and great for publishers.

Now let’s talk about Apple Pay.


We launched Apple Pay with a vision to replace the wallet, and people are absolutely loving it. Apple Pay is the simplest, most secure, and private way to pay, and its growth has been literally off the charts.

In fact, we are on target to surpass 10 billion transactions this year. This is huge! We are looking forward to a future where all payments are made this way.

Now, retail acceptance of Apple Pay has already past 70% in the United States and it’s even higher in many other countries like Canada and the United Kingdom and so many more which broadly accept Apple Play.

In Australia, we have achieved an amazing 99% acceptance. And we have been adding more and more countries. And by the end of this year, we expect that Apple Pay will be available in more than 40 countries.

Apple Pay has also made riding transit easier and more convenient than ever before. Every day, millions of customers in these cities use their iPhone or their Apple Watch to go quickly through the turnstiles and get on their way.

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