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Are We Our Mind: Dan Siegel (Full Transcript)

You can integrate the brain by pursuing creative activities. When you see what Sir Ken Robinson, for example, does in his beautiful work on finding your element and seeing how creativity can inform schools. Creativity emerges from integration.

And so, what I’d like to leave you with is this incredible opportunity you have. Right now, think for a moment about times in your life when your life may have become rigid, shutdown, not moving.

Now, think about a time, at that moment where something in your life going on didn’t honor differences, like between you and someone else, or didn’t promote linkages between you and someone else.

Or even these things can be going on inside of you, a part of you really wants to be wild, going out and exploring things; another part of you wants to be domestic and stay at home. How do you actually honor those differences and promote linkages?

Think about the time when you were rigid, and maybe even it was a time when you also became chaotic, exploding in anger, or being really frustrated.

As you reflect on that, think about how, if you would introduce the idea of integration then, and now, from this day forward, if you introduce the idea of integration, how can you literally reflect on your life, either what’s going on inside of you, or between you and others, and then find a way to honor the differences going on inside you or between you, and then promote linkages.

What I want to urge you to consider is that if you do that, you’ll find you empower yourself to use all the science of the brain and all the science of the well-being to actually bring vitality to yourself. And not only will you make your life more vital.

But in the last 15 years of doing this kind of work with people, either individually, or in families, or in schools, and trying to bring this out into the communities, what’s been absolutely incredible was to realize when this process of integration that we create inside of ourselves and with others is made visible, the outcome of such a process is kindness and compassion.

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And if you have an interest in not only bringing well-being into your life, but also creating more kindness and compassion toward yourself and bringing that to others, then following the path of honoring differences and promoting linkages, of developing integration in your life, will bring more kindness and compassion into your world and to the larger world in which we all live.

Thank you so much for your kind attention.


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