Bananas in Heaven: Yuval Noah Harari at TEDxJaffa (Transcript)

We humans also live in an objective reality. In our reality too, there are rivers, and trees, and lions, and elephants. But, on top of this objective reality, we humans have constructed a second layer of fictional reality. A reality consisting of stories, of fictional entities that exist only in our imagination, entities like states, like money, like human rights, like God.

And the amazing thing is, that, as history went along, the fictional reality became more and more powerful. Until today, the most powerful forces in the world are these fictional entities.

The very survival of rivers, and trees, and lions, and chimpanzees, today depends on the wishes and decisions of fictional entities like United States, or like Google, or like the World Bank, entities that in fact, exist only in our common imagination.

Thank you.



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