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Bert Jacobs: Do What You Like, Like What You Do at TEDxBeaconStreet (Transcript)

For the first time in the history of the world, customers – the people who buy things – have taken control from the people who sell things. So my brother and I are still busy making mistakes with our business, but you know what? People believe in us. They believe in us. They don’t care that we make business mistakes. They believe in us, they believe what we’re doing is authentic. We now donate over 10% of the profits from Life is good, no matter what we do, to kids that need help.

So people read about that, and they care about the causes that are important to them, and they invest in them. That is the way that capitalism is going. Capitalism isn’t broken, it’s been abused. And optimism and open-mindedness enables us to see that. For us, this is just the beginning of our road trip. We just signed a deal with Hallmark, a $5.5 billion company. I get millions and billions mixed up.

Everything we ever put on a T-shirt is now going to be on a greeting card. You know why that’s just particularly cool? Because 10% of our profitability from that will go to kids who need it. So we’re harnessing one of the big, bad capitalistic companies out there to do great things, and you know what? Hallmark and Life is good are attached at the hip now. We signed a second deal with Smuckers, another company that’s over $5 billion. I got it right that time.

The thing that’s cool about that: we’re making gourmet coffee. I don’t drink coffee, I don’t know anything about coffee, I don’t care. Ten percent of the profits from that coffee is going to go to kids that need it. We’re going to travel throughout the world. And we’re going to bring our little brand everywhere we go and we’re going to help kids all over this world. We’re not selling the company and we’re not going public. We’re doing what we like and we’re liking what we do.

You each have a road trip. Your life is a road trip. And we all share the road of life together. Be good to each other, love yourself, love each other, and enjoy the ride.

You too! Give me a high five. Atta boy!

Thank you.

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