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Brandy Gillmore: Could This Be The Missing Link to Your Health? at TEDxSantaBarbara (Transcript)

So I began to dig up everything I could find on the placebo, how it worked. And I began to study it. But then I came across something called “spontaneous remission,” where people would go into remission and heal for no particular reason at all. That made me start studying the mind and what made this happen. For years I spent researching the mind day and night, trying to figure out, trying different things. Through trial and error, I’ve eventually began to figure out key things that I could do with my mind that would affect my pain.

So I started implementing them each day. My pain began to subside. And so I kept going, and I was able to move around easier. And so I kept going, and my body began to heal. I started practicing walking every day. And at first, it was just short distances, several times per day. But I kept going and kept going, and eventually I began to get strength back in my body. And that’s when I realized that what I did with my mind. It didn’t just change my health; it changed my entire life.

From my health and my physical strength to my level of happiness, my relationships, the entire way that I saw the world changed. Now, during all of that time, that I spent injured, I promised myself that if I did ever get better, there would be two things that I would do. First, that I would live every day to its fullest. So after I got rid of my last cane, I started walking again fully on my own. I started dong all the things that I always wanted to do, and just taking life in, and living it to its fullest, and just being grateful to being alive.

The second thing, as I promised, if I did figure it out, I would start sharing what I did to get better because in going to all of that, it made me realize that healthcare isn’t just a “me” problem, it’s a “we” problem. It affects a large amount of people and all of us really. I mean, either personally or through family and friends, or financially. So I wanted to figure out a way that people could visually see the results. That’s when I reached out to Dr. Hilary Smith, who does advanced medical thermography. She has been able to scan people while I work with them.

Now, this woman has neck pain, which we can see by the intense red and white. They show intense areas of heat which indicate pain and inflammation. The green areas represent areas that are normal temperature or healthy. While I work with people, the scans are being taken every one second. You can see as their pain goes away, the scans turn from red to green.

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Now, this woman was out of pain in under five minutes, using only her mind. And that’s normal for me to see. Some people even do it as fast as 2 to 3 minutes. And it’s not just pain, I see this with all types of ailments. Pain is just the quickest and easiest to be able to take pictures of. Which is what led me to ask the question: Could this be the missing link to our health?

Now, some people would say, “But Brandy how much can the mind really affect the physical body?” Well, let’s think about it for a moment. Studies show that infants, that don’t get enough love can actually die. Or seniors whose spouse dies have a much higher rate of death following their loss. It’s called the widowhood effect. And the thing is, I’m not trying to give you medical advice, or treat you, diagnose you or tell you to stop seeing your doctors, or quit your medication or anything like that.

But what I am saying is that it is really incredible what we are capable of, using our minds. The thing is beyond infants and widows, we know that emotions can affect infants and widows to the point of death. We know emotions can affect the body, but there are countless other studies. I mean one that was done on stress and heart disease by Laura Kubzansky of Harvard. Her study showed that emotional vitality was able to reduce the risk of coronary heart disease by half. We know that emotions affect the body. I mean even on a simple note, if somebody is embarrassed their face can turn red. Or even a lot of stress can spike blood pressure, or sexual thoughts create actual physical response. Obviously, none of us would be here if it wasn’t for that one, so it’s got multiple benefits. Right?

An easy way to remember it is just to think of it as feelings with benefits. Which is like friends with benefits but a lot less complicated. So we know that emotions affect the body. I mean I didn’t discover that, but what I did discover is how to get back to back results. Now the way that I do this is that I start the awareness that different emotions affect the body differently. For example, if somebody’s feeling embarrassed it will result different than a nervous stomach.

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Then I begin to look at the subconscious mind. We know that emotions store in the subconscious, which is why you could think of a beautiful song or maybe something by Adele, and you start thinking about somebody that you love and you miss. Or depending on the song, somebody that you don’t miss anymore and start thinking about these feelings of anger and hurt. Because both positive and negative emotions store up in the subconscious. So what I do when I help these people is I identify the emotion and help them to release it.

Now, part of the reason that I am able to figure this out is because in going through my injury I developed an intense sensitivity to emotions. And not just to mine but what other people are feeling. Have you ever heard before that a dog can sense fear? Okay, so I don’t really want to compare myself to a dog, but it’s kind of like that. Or more technical way of describing it would be similar to mirror touch synesthesia. which is a condition where one person can feel an experience with another person’s experiencing.

So whatever you want to call it, this ability has given me insight to be able to help people to use their mind to identify this specific combination of emotions that are affecting them, so they can release them. The thing is I do want to warn you, there can be side effects. When people start to release these negative emotions, they tend to feel happier, and research has shown that happiness can affect every area of your life. Forbes published research that was done at Harvard that shows that happier employees are much more productive, are more creative, have higher sales, and which gives them the opportunity to make more money.

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