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Brandy Gillmore: Could This Be The Missing Link to Your Health? at TEDxSantaBarbara (Transcript)

Research also suggests that happier people have better relationships. So I call this process turning chronic pain into chronic gain. Because when we let go of the pain of the ailment or whatever hurt is that is linked to it, we get more happiness into our life.

So, what I would like to do is share with you a few simple ways where you can get more of these feelings with benefits in your own life. One thing that you can do is you could just simply start to feel a feeling of gratitude for the things in your life, like being alive, the people in it, and just feel it and take it in. Or another thing you could do is you could change your physiology which is basically the way that you move your body. Because the way that we move our body controls what we have access, what emotions we have access to.

For instance, if you try to sit like this for just a moment, now try to feel sexy or confident. Anybody got it? Okay, but if you put your shoulders back, chest out and try to feel the feeling of confidence. It’s a lot easier. And that’s because by changing the way we move our body, we can access more positive emotions. Or another thing you could do is simply start to laugh more, or even smile. It’s contagious. See.

But really, I know all these sound very simple. Okay, but when we start to add in more positivity, It can start help to decrease the amount of negative emotions that’s been stored up in the subconscious mind. Which is what I did, and why I’m standing here with you today, as I’m standing here on my own two feet, no wheelchair, no walker, no cane, no medication and no pain.

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