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CEO of Kwik Learning Jim Kwik Discusses Unleash Your Brain Power (Transcript)

We take responsibility for our lives, for our business, for our work, for our family, for our health and we have the power – we have great power to be able to influence and impact of the things that we want to. And so that’s why I like the whole theme. For me I have certain habits and rituals that we could go through during this call to optimize my health and also a lot having to do with my body but then also my brain and also because those two things are very obviously intimately connected together with our mind. And so a few things that I do – and I actually teach people – I’ll give you like maybe 10 tips over the course the call but then I’ll also teach you how to memorize all 10. How about that? We can make it a very, very practical like that, because I – there is a back story for this is when people see me on stage and they see me memorized in a room full of people, mean well I have 50 or 100 people stand up, I’ll memorize their name right from stage or they pass around the microphone and give me 100 random words or 50 or 100 digit number and most people struggle to memorize their seven-digit phone number and I’ll memorize like 10 seven-digit numbers. I tell people I don’t do this to impress you. I do this to express to you what’s really possible. And there’s no such thing as a good or bad memory. There is just a trained memory and untrained memory. And this is an important —

Robyn Benson: That’s profound.

Jim Kwik: Sure, sure. I would say this that if you are listening to this you want to have a better memory which is… who doesn’t want to improve their ability to remember things. I would say that, that regardless of your age and your background, your level of education, your diet, your financial situation, whatever there is no such thing as a good or bad memory. There’s just a trained memory and untrained memory. And the reason why I say this is I like to talk about all the works that I do. I always talk about beliefs because I believe that all behavior is belief-driven. All behavior is belief-driven that if you want to create a brand new result in your life, a brand new result, let’s say, a stellar health, or more money or wonderful relationships, whatever your goals and aspirations are you need to be able to do things. You need to be able to behave. But in order for us to behave and take on the new habit or new action, we need beliefs that support those behaviors. So all behavior is belief-driven.

And so the beliefs that I have for this is that all – that everyone has genius inside of them. There is no such thing as a good or bad memory. There’s the trained memory and we’re not taught that because what class taught you how to remember. I thought that it’s really interesting growing up in school that this old model and the school whether it’s 10 years or 20 years or 50 years or 300 years, our ability to – our learning ability happens to increase dramatically in in terms of how people are taught. We read the same way, we study, we remember the same way. But the world is dramatically different, not even just the past 300 years, just the past 10 years, or five years. And so I thought it was interesting that school taught us what to learn, Math, History, Science, Spanish but there weren’t a lot of classes on how to learn those subjects. Not a lot of classes on how to think or how to focus, how to listen, how to be creative, how to solve problems, how to read faster, how do remember things. And if I believe in the message that we live in, knowledge is power, then I believe that learning is a superpower.

When I had this whole theme around – again if knowledge is power, then learning is a superpower. And you could tweet that too. I believe a lot of learning is also social, it’s not solo. The old model of sit quietly in your chair, don’t talk to your neighbor, just repeat what I say and taking notes. I think that’s over. And that’s solo but today the classroom doesn’t have four walls. Like we’re demonstrating right now on this call – if you don’t talk to your neighbor, nowadays you are in trouble, right? It’s not based on consumption, it’s based on creation and co-creation, and that’s where really learning of the 21st century is, it’s not even just left brain learning, whether it’s like math and words. You know how it’s right brain works creativity, it’s music, it’s emotion, it’s experience but I won’t even say it’s just right brain, I would say it’s whole brain, or today it’s one level above that, not just your left brain and your right brain or even your three brains, your total triune brain, reptilian brain everything, I would say it’s a whole self-learning.

Right, when we’re talking about self-care imagine whole self-learning whether it’s your left brain, right brain, your three parts of your brain, your conscious or unconscious, your non-conscious, your brain and your body, it’s your multiple intelligences or different learning styles and your sensory integration, I mean there is so much to it. I don’t believe that there’s a magic pill, but I do believe that there is a magic process. And then throughout the call like these you’re getting a little bit – you’re getting another perspective, another piece of a puzzle. And so for me the reason why I’m passionate about this is I was telling you that even if you see me on stage my inspiration really was my desperation, because I wasn’t always able to do this, and growing up in school, I was actually in a lot of ways very learning challenged. And people don’t know this about me but I struggled a lot throughout school, throughout grade school, throughout junior high, throughout high school and I would always have to work harder than everybody else to get worse results. And I remember when I was five years old I had this really bad head injury and from that point on I always thought that maybe I was broken that there was something wrong with me. Maybe that’s why I couldn’t focus, like I could never finish a book or I didn’t understand things like my friends understood things.

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