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CES 2014 Show Keynote by Brian Krzanich, Intel CEO (Transcript)

Larry: Brian, as you mentioned, with this smart headset I can interact with my phone over here without picking it up. In fact, without even touching it. Now I’m going to share that experience with you right now, and what I’ll do is I will make dinner reservations for after your keynote tonight. So let’s give it a run.

Hello, Jarvis. I’d like to have a nice dinner. Find me a good Indian restaurant around here.

Jarvis: The best one around is Mount Everest India’s Cuisine which is located on Sahara Avenue, 13 minutes drive from here. Would you like to go there now?

Larry: Not yet. I’d like to be there at 8:00 p.m.

Jarvis: It conflicts with your day one summary meeting. Would you still like to go to the restaurant, and notify Diana that you’re not coming?

Larry: Yes. Please do.

Jarvis: Sure. I have notified her, and will let you know when it’s time to leave for the restaurant. By the way, you have three new messages from your wife. Would you like me to read them to you now?

Larry: No, not now. But, please remind me after I leave here.

Jarvis: Sure. I’ll remind you later.

Brian Krzanich – CEO, Intel

Okay. Thank you, Larry. Don’t forget those emails from your wife. I’ll be in real trouble.

Larry: Jarvis won’t let me forget. Thanks, Brian.

Brian Krzanich – CEO, Intel

The Jarvis we showed you tonight was working with a personal assistant that we’ve been working on. But the system will work with any of your existing personal assistants as well. The real key here is seamless, no buttons, always listening, and yet still has that same low-power capability.

As we started to look at wearables, we realized there was one other issue. As these become more and more popular, as you start to get more and more types of wearables, you’re going to run into the issue of how do you charge them all? Where do you keep all the wires? How do you plug them all in? Do you even have enough plugs at your desk to plug them all in? That’s why we developed the next solution. The smart charging bowl.

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This bowl is right here and it solves some real problems by allowing you to simply drop your devices into them, and it instantly begins to charge. And you can drop multiple devices into this bowl.

I’m going to take my – hopefully I can get it off – my NikeFuel. Put that on there. And we even have this phone. We’re going to put that in there. And all of them are charging now. It’s a very simple device that you can just leave on your counter, and it will go ahead and charge everything that you need. We believe this is another one of those key deliverables for making wearables ubiquitous.

I’m sure you’re asking, “Okay, you’re talking about wearables. Where is the watch?” Well, we’ve got it. Here it is. I’m proud to show you here the smart watch.

All of the features of a smart watch you’d expect, but we added a bit more. Remember, we said we wanted to make everything smart. So this system has its own connectivity. It requires no tethering. And it has one other very unique feature, and that is smart geo-fencing.

So what is smart geo-fencing? Smart geo-fencing is a capability to monitor a person who’s wearing the watch from a location-based standpoint. It’s invaluable for someone who’s responsible for taking care of young children or elderly parents.

How it works is it shows where your child is at any time, but it’s smart. It has the ability to look at time and say, not only do I know you’re supposed to be walking to school, but I know you should be at the school in 30 minutes. So here is your path and here is your school. And if you step outside of that boundary or you don’t reach there in time, it silently notifies the guardian that the person didn’t arrive. And you can think of all kinds of applications from your children to your grandparents to your teenaged children that this could become invaluable.

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And in emergency, if a person steps outside that geo-fence, it sends a precise location, and it will notify the person, independent of any other notification from the person. You don’t have to push any buttons. You simply step out of the geo-fence range. It’s unlike anything else on the market.

As you can see, we are looking at a broad ecosystem of wearables. We’re looking at not just the device, the silicon. This is an amazing opportunity for partnerships across this ecosystem.

We’re going to work with the most successful designers and creative innovators in this industry. Together, we’re going to create a whole new series of products, and with those partners, we’ll bring those products to market.

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