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CES 2014 Show Keynote by Brian Krzanich, Intel CEO (Transcript)

I’d like to start with Joey Hudy. Joey is the youngest CEO I know. He’s also the youngest Intel employee, at just 16 years old. Hi, Joey.

Sarah Volz, first place winner at the Intel Science and Talent Search this year.

Shunsuke Nakamura, grand prize winner of the Intel Perceptual Computing contest.

Eesha Khare, the winner of the 2013 Intel Science and Engineering Fair.

Indira Negi, inventor of the smart earbuds we saw earlier, and an Intel employee.

The youngest one who will come up here, Schuyler St. Leger, a Galileo maker, a 3-D thinking expert at just age 13. Schuyler also brought — I told you we’d print out a 3D Bunny Man; that’s the 3D Bunny Man. Schuyler brought it out for us onstage to prove we will do here tonight.

Mick Ebeling, Not Impossible Labs who looked low-cost prosthetics for Sudan.

And Mark Allyn, an Intel employee, a maker, a clothing artist, and a master of light.

The people who have joined me here tonight onstage are the same trailblazers that Noyce and Moore were. They want to build an immersive world with us.

All of us here in this hall tonight are lucky to live in a time when computing is taking us in incredible new directions. I’d like to thank you for being with me tonight on this journey of transformation. I’ll be here the rest of this week. I look forward to talking with you and sharing Intel’s vision of the future. And I invite all of you tonight to join us in the revolution in the making. Thank you.


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