Change Your Breath, Change Your Life: Lucas Rockwood (Transcript)

In our normal life, in our everyday life, we’d break these three practices up. And we do them at different times, at appropriate times of the day.

So when is the appropriate time? Let’s break it down.

Water breathing, like the name suggests, always good. Anytime you need balance in your life, come back to water breathing. It’s four on the way in; it’s four on the way out. Stressful day at the office, you have to commute. Whatever it is, you sit down, you take 10 breaths, count four on the way in; four on the way out. And again it’s just like taking a sip of water.

When you look at whisky breathing, primarily let’s just think about this as a put me to sleep without alcohol or pills, right? This is how I will use this. You come home from work and you’re agitated. Your phone’s lighting up with notifications, your head’s buzzing. I’d like you to lie down in bed. Count… inhale, for that four count, and exhale for that eight count. Inhale for that four count, and exhale for that eight count. You can do that for ten rounds or just keep going until you fall asleep. That works really well as well.

Last but not least is coffee breathing. This is the one you get most excited about. I need to throttle this. You got to be really careful with this one. Use it sparingly.

Here’s your prescription: three rounds of 20 in the morning; three rounds of 20 right before exercise, right? Sympathetic nervous system response, get cranked up to start moving. And three rounds of 20 at three o’clock in the afternoon, when normally you’ll reach for a sugary snack.

When we look at health and wellness, there’s so many different things we can optimize for, right? There’s diet and there’s movements and there’s sleep optimization. All of that stuff is wonderful but none of that stuff is as powerful or as immediate as breathing.

Remember when you were born, when you came into this world, you probably don’t remember. But when you were born, when you came into this world, the very first thing that you did was you inhaled, right? And when you leave us, when you die, if you die peacefully, you will die on an exhale, right?

And between that first breath and that last breath, what most of us do is our nervous system just gets bounced around, bang back and forth, we’re responding to our environment on autopilot all day long.

So my challenge to you… my question for you is how could the quality of your life improve if you stopped being on autopilot and started taking control of your mind and your body and your nervous system, using these three simple practices we’ve done today?

Water… Whiskey… and Coffee.

Thank you.


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