Changing the Future With Stem Cells: Crystal Ruff (Full Transcript)

And while they were under the hood, they gave her dermal filler. What the doctors didn’t take into account is that dermal filler differentiates fat stem cells into bone. So this woman was left with bone fragments in her eyelids. This is why we need clinical trials to make sure that treatments are safe.

If you were to take a drug, and you had a bad side effect, you could stop taking the drug, and that side effect would go away. But it’s not the case with stem cells.

Once stem cells are put in, they can never be taken back out. Furthermore, going to an unregulated clinic can exclude you from future legitimate trials.

So, how do you know whether or not what you’re looking at is a real stem cell treatment or misrepresentation?

Here are some hints that can help you, it’s a difficult field to navigate. The first: look at how many cell types per injury. We mentioned that cell types need to be very specific to replace damaged tissue, and one stem cell type cannot turn into cells of another.

So it’s very important if someone’s saying they’re going to suck out one type of stem cell and use it for 12 different indications, it’s likely something you should question.

Second of all: you can check out their preclinical track record; is a comprehensive database of all of the clinical trials if they want to get FDA approval.

And the third and most important thing that you can do is to be knowledgeable. Do your research and get consensus. Ask your doctors, all of them, because they are here to help you.

So, overall stem cells have the potential to change life as we know it. Every single one of us is affected by diseases which stem cells could potentially help to treat in the future.

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And now that you have the knowledge, you have the power. It is up to you to spread the word about stem cells and to support reputable clinical trials, so that we can work hard to get the best treatments out to the people who need them the most in the shortest possible amount of time.

Right now, there are many – more than ever before – treatments in the pipeline, ready to come out. And the field of regenerative medicine is at critical mass.

So I ask you to come join me on this journey. Come with me as newly minted purveyors of stem cell knowledge as we turn science fiction into science fact.

Thank you.


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