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Creative Thinking: How to Get Out of The Box and Generate Ideas by Giovanni Corazza (Transcript)

So I want to end my talk with a little experiment. We wanted to do this interactively with you, but the time is scarce. So I have indeed prepared a little thing, but if you believe me, and to be honest, this has been generated in the space of few minutes. The generation of ideas, this travel outside of the box, is something which happens very fast.

So where should we experiment? OK. Let’s say that we want to generate new ideas about TEDx Conferences. We are here, so that’s a focused area which is very clear to all of us. Now let’s start from the convergent information about TEDx Conferences. What is needed to make an excellent, good TEDx conference? Well, you need the brilliant speakers that will come up. You need an excellent theme. You need fast speaker to speaker transitions. You need grand settings. The list can go on, and all I’m saying is things that you already know. This is all convergent information, safe. I’m not generating anything new. I’m inside the box.

Now I want to go out, so I apply a divergent modifier to any of these convergent elements. Start from the last one for example, the grand setting. So a divergent modifier, for example, is to exaggerate. Bring it to the limit. So instead of thinking of a TEDx conference in a theater, think of a TEDx Conference in a stadium. Does this make any sense, in a stadium? Very difficult to organize, even more difficult than in a theater, and how do you fill the place? How do you fill the stadium? It’s too difficult. It doesn’t make any sense. I’m tempted to reject that idea.

But then I move, and I say, OK, maybe the stadium is already filled with people. So from that, you can get the idea of having a TEDx Conference at half-time of football matches, a network of speeches which happens at half-time of football matches. Good idea, bad idea? I leave it for you to assess.

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Take another element: good speakers, brilliant speakers. That’s the most fundamental element of a TEDx Conference. Let’s take that away. We eliminate the good, brilliant speakers. Does this make any sense? No, we’re out of the box. Does this lead to anything useful? Well, I could say that, OK, I don’t need the speakers, but I need the speeches, the talks, the scripts. From this comes the idea of one speaker delivering the speech of somebody else. We exchange speakers. So it’s a cooperative TEDx Conference.

Maybe we have duets on stage, instead of a single element, or we have people that speak about, somebody has this topic. And in that way we have one advantage at least. We take away the element of the ego. There’s no ego anymore, if you’re speaking with somebody else’s script. So these are just examples, just examples, to show you that it’s possible and not too hard, actually, to think out of the box. I hope this journey, in a way, was interesting for you, and now you want to do more of that.

Thank you very much for your attention.

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