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Daniel Simons on Seeing The World as It Isn’t (Full Transcript)

But we also think we remember more than we do, and that we know more than we do. And these illusions lead to a really substantial problem. They lead us to think that everybody is seeing the same thing that we are. Well, in reality, two people looking at exactly the same world could be taking in different information at the same time.

Now, what does that mean? It means that anytime you have to communicate, anytime you’re trying to be a trainer or a CEO, or a leader, or you’re trying to lecture or teach, you have to take into account the fact that your knowledge, and your experience as in what you see, are going to be different from those of the people on your audience. All of advertising depends on exactly that principle. You have to know what your audience is going to see in the advertisement.

Now, the problem is that we all share one thing, even though we don’t necessarily see the world the same, we all share one thing. We share this illusion that we see the world the same as everybody else. And only by testing your knowledge, and testing what you’re actually seeing, just like you do with the visual illusion, do you realize that you’re not actually seeing the world as everybody else is. And, in fact, we don’t all see the same thing. Only by testing your knowledge, can you see the world as it actually is.

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