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Doers, Dreamers, and the Differences between Them: Joshua York (Transcript)

But you really have to in order to take action and make your dreams come true.

The last trait that I think all doers possess is that doers not only are confident in themselves and what they stand for in their decisions, but they actually go and do.

How many of you have had a great idea and thought about it and you know feeling really great about it? But then when it comes time you are unable to talk yourself out of it kind of like Jessie.

I know I’ve been there before and I push myself every day to not do that, to take action.

This past weekend I had a really great experience that I think really fits well with this conference. We’re all familiar with the tragedies that are going on in Florida and Texas right now. My business had a booth at Dally in the Alley in Detroit which if you’re not familiar it’s a large block party with a ton of stages and music. There are about 15,000 people that attended it this year.

And just outside of the gates, we were right at the end. Just outside of the gates there were three 10 to 12-year olds that had set up a lemonade stand. And I got all excited thinking, oh look at these guys; they’re young entrepreneurs. I love the ambition.

And it turns out they were actually selling lemonade to benefit the survivors of Hurricane Harvey. I was greatly deeply inspired by that. Not only were they doing, they were taking action and making things happen to make a better world. But they really embodied what this whole TED event today is all about. And that’s thinking globally and acting locally.

They took a macro problem that most people wouldn’t know where to begin and they broke it down into a small actionable chunk of things that they could do and act on to make a difference in the world.

These kids were confident in themselves in their decision. They weren’t afraid to take that risk of setting up a lemonade stand all day and getting told no.

They weren’t afraid to ask people passing by if they would support their cause and buy their lemonade.

And lastly they didn’t hesitate or wait too long but the time was right and they went and they did it. If they were to wait another two weeks, the hurricane would be old news and there wouldn’t be a music festival going on. And they might have still sold lemonade but I guarantee that the impact they had by taking action right then and there was greater than it would have been two weeks from now.

So I believe that everyone in here is passionate about something. There’s something that fires you up that keeps you up at night. And I also think that everyone in here is here for a reason.

Because people don’t come to TED Talks because they’re bored and they’re looking for something to do on a Tuesday night. People go to the movies for that or whatever else.

Everyone in here is here because you either are a change maker or you’re on the brink of becoming one. So I implore you all to think about what you’re passionate about. Be confident in what you believe in. Don’t be afraid to take a risk. You’re never going to have all the resources in front of you so don’t be afraid to just ask.

And when the time is right and you believe it in your heart, go take action because the world looks a whole lot brighter and a whole lot more clear when you’re looking at it through your own lens.

Thank you.


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