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Donald Trump’s Wall Commencement Speech 2004 (Full Transcript)

But you just keep working.

Be disciplined. Don’t lose discipline. Get out there and fight for everything. Don’t lose discipline.

And don’t live on the edge, like I do. You don’t need it. You want to have a nice normal life, folks. Okay.

Study something everyday; learn. There’s nothing like education.

You know, I grew up right next to Wagner College. A lot of people don’t know. They see Trump Tower and they see Fifth Avenue. I love this.

When John asked me to receive this great recognition, I was happy to do it.

My father owned a job right next-door Grymes Hill Apartments and I would collect coins in the washing machines with my father, almost every Saturday. And we’d go around collecting on Howard. We’d just go around and collect and there usually wasn’t too much money in there but we collect.

And he’d say, “Come on, let’s make the rounds”, and we’d stop at Wagner College a lot.

And I happened to think — and I’ve been to great colleges and great campuses — I happened to think that this is one of the most beautiful campuses anywhere in the United States. I really believe that.

Keep the big picture in mind, but never lose sight of the details. Because the details can send you down — if you lose sight of the details, they can send you down. So keep that big picture in mind. Never lose sight of the details, always.

And this is sort of a little bit tough to say in terms of success and I refuse to say it to this crowd.

I refuse, because you’re much too idealistic. Always have a prenuptial agreement but I’m not saying. I will not say. Of course, half of my friends have been destroyed by divorce but I refuse to say.

I’ll tell you — to me, the second most important thing after love what you do is never ever give up. Don’t give up. Don’t allow it to happen. If there’s a concrete wall in front of you, go through it; go over; go around but get to the other side of that wall.

I have so many people that I’ve seen over the years, if they just fought a little bit harder, they would have made it. They would have succeeded. They would have accomplished their goal. But they gave up.

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Don’t give up.

Abraham Lincoln said, “I will study and prepare and perhaps — just perhaps, my chance will come.” And that’s very very true.

And just in closing, I’m going to say to you two words that I only said once on the apprentice: “You are hired.”

Good luck. Do well.

Thank you.

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