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Dr. Eric Goodman: The Unexpected Physical Consequences of Technology at TEDxAmericanRiviera (Transcript)

So what can you do about this? What happens when you’re in back pain like this? What can you do? How do you learn? Do you go to yoga and do these things? You learn, you have to understand anatomy a little bit and sometimes when somebody is teaching you about your own body, doesn’t always make all that much sense. It’s kind of like, it’s almost like you’re learning a second language, like something just doesn’t click. You know, you didn’t go to medical school; you didn’t go to chiropractic school; you’re not a physical therapist; you’re not a personal trainer. You’re just somebody that wants to get out of pain. But there’s something that you can do to get started.

I can’t teach you everything I want to today but I can teach you one thing about this common denominator. And because it can be a little bit difficult sometimes to understand this anatomy lingo, this learning about your body, I would like to bring out today’s chief anatomy translator Brian. He’s going to help you guys see what it looks like but ultimately feel what it feels like to move the way your body is designed to. So while he’s coming out, I’d like all of you to stand up, we’re going to get a little active. So go ahead and stand up.

So this is Brian, your anatomy translator today. So what we’re going to show you first before anything else is all I want to do is just kind of open yourself up a little bit. I want you to take two big deep breaths. We’re going to do this slowly. I want each of you to feel this. When you start rolling your shoulders, what I don’t want you to do is roll your shoulders forward. When you roll your shoulders forward you’re going further into that little snail pattern, your head is going to go forward like this and all of a sudden you’re right where I don’t want you to be. So I want you to roll backwards and as you’re rolling your shoulders backwards, I want you to picture this length from the center of your sternum out to the sides of your shoulders expanding, with every breath you take and with every shoulder movement you make.

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From here on the next breath, I want you to put your thumbs right at the base of your ribcage. It’s going to be a little harder for some of you to find it but eventually you’ll dig deep enough and get there, I promise. So dig in there a little bit, find somewhere around the bottom rib. And then I want you to put your pinky or ring finger right at the front hip bone. And all you’re doing here is measuring the amount of length you have in the front of your body, because if you don’t have enough length at the front of your body, if you don’t stand tall, if you don’t expand the front of your body, you cannot be strong at the back of your body. And if you can’t be strong at the back of your body, you can’t be strong.

So three more deep breaths, and I want you to keep your thumbs right there, bottom of the ribcage, front of the hip. As you inhale, you’re going to lift, your ribcage is going to lift up, you’re going to feel that distance between the thumb and fingers expand. I want to take two more deep breaths. Every time you inhale you lift and every time you exhale you keep the height that you’ve just gained. This is exaggerated; that’s good.

It’s exaggerated for a reason, he’s doing it right. See, what we’re seeing as you do this is that the back of your body is lengthening. One of the biggest problems that we have, it’s using the muscles as they’re designed to use, it’s keeping the spinal curves, not hyper-extended, not hyperflex but exactly where they’re supposed to be, which is long. And it’s lengthening the front of your body enough to allow the spine to do what it’s supposed to do.

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So stay up here, I have you up here for a little while for a reason. Stay in this position. Start to feel what’s happening. Your head should kind of pull back over your shoulders a little bit better. Your shoulders should continue expanding as you continue taking deep breaths. And the most important part here is I want you to learn what it feels like to hinge a little bit. So keeping that length in front of your body, in fact, even exaggerating a little bit more the length in the front of your body, I want you to slowly pull your hips straight back behind, you just kind of stick your butt out, weigh your heels a little bit. Yes, it looks funny I know but I don’t care what it looks like because it feels good. So keep doing it.

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