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Dr. Eric Goodman: The Unexpected Physical Consequences of Technology at TEDxAmericanRiviera (Transcript)

So the front of your body is staying long, your weight’s going back to heels, you’re sticking your butt out, and what you’re going to start feeling is a little bit of fatigue at the lower spine. So don’t go from here to here; go from here to here. Pull your butt back. If I’m on stage, sticking like that, you guys can do it just as comfortable.

From here, I want you to take three more deep breaths and I want you to start feeling those lower back muscles begin fatiguing a little bit. What you’re looking for is tension right along the lower spine and if you’re doing this really well, not only will your lower spine be tight but the butt muscles, hamstrings and even the calves are going to start turning on a little bit.

Go ahead and stand up, shake it off a little bit but I’m going to — we’re going to do this one more time. I want you to learn — I want you to feel this. And the second time you do it, it’s going to be better than the first. So that we have those — we know that we want to hit the lower back muscles. We want to hit these muscles called the posterior chain, some of the most important muscles in your body. In fact, the muscles that are designed not only to absorb the force but also to be the strongest chain of muscles in your body. It’s not a butt muscle, it’s not a hamstring or a lower back muscle; it’s a group of muscles that is designed to work together to literally move you through life.

So let’s do that one more time. First, roll the shoulders out a little bit. Couple deep breaths, again from here to here is expanding, your chin is pulling back a little bit. You’re going to start feeling like there’s a little bit less force throughout your body. Once your chest is expanded, take a couple deep breaths and again we’re going to go right into the thumb, at the base of the ribcage, the pinky or ring finger right at that front hip bone.

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Three deep breaths, all the way in as you expand the ribcage and lift your torso a little bit. As you breathe out, you’re going to slowly keep that height. Breathe back in expand. Again tight lower back, tight butt muscles, tight hamstrings, start slowly leaning your butt back, keeping the back tight, most importantly keeping this length. Without this length, you cannot move properly. Sit your butt back a little further, try to push another couple inches than you did last time. What I want you to do is actually take your hands off of the front of your body, keep the length and just put your arms straight back behind you. And as the arms go back behind you, again open up; turn your hands out to the sides with thumb come out, you’re going to feel an increased extension, increased tension at the lower spine, the upper back is going to start taking in and you’re going to start feeling wide. You guys got about 10 more seconds or so in this position. I can see the joy in all of your faces. You’re welcome; every one of you.

So this is what it feels like to weigh your body properly, and I know it feels awkward at first. But I’ve worked with people that cannot get better. I do it on a daily basis and I see people that cannot get better, get better very fast. Stay better and continue improving and I believe with all confidence that every single one of you is able to get yourself better, get yourself feeling better out of chronic pain, stronger than you can ever imagined possible. You guys can do it. There’s no question about it.

Thanks a lot for participating. Thanks guys. Thank you. Good work!

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