Dr. Joel Levine: The Exploration and Colonization of Mars: Why Mars? Why Humans?

This is Mars after terraforming or planetary engineering. I saw a great movie about a week ago – we are not supposed to give plugs – “The Theory of Everything”, the autobiography of Steve Hawking, one of the great cosmic thinkers in the world, in history. This is a quote: “I think that human race has no future if it does not go into space.”

And let me show you how we’re going into space and how we’re going to bring astronauts back to Earth. If I can have the last video, please.

The last video. This is a test in December of last year of the Orion space capsule that will bring humans to Mars. It’s an actual image. This really happened, December 5th. Then, once it’s away from the Earth, it will hook up with the transport vehicle that we’ve already put in orbit around the Earth.

Then that transfer vehicle will take the humans to the surface of Mars. It’s a nine month trip, and this is entering the Mars atmosphere. That’s landing on the surface of Mars, and then, once we’re on the surface of Mars, the astronauts look for signs of life, look for fossils.

We’ll begin drilling to find the climate history of Mars, and then, 500 days later, we return the astronauts back to Earth. They enter the Earth’s atmosphere.

This is a real image. This is under drawing board. It’s going to happen. It will probably be 2033 to 2039 when we’ll do this.

Thank you very much.


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