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Dr. Jordan B Peterson on Freedom of Speech & Political Correctness (Full Transcript)

I did a lot of soul searching in the last couple of months, and it’s not like I’m without my problems but anyways. So what is this about? Well, we’ll say hopefully it’s not about me because that’d be stupid. And so what’s going on? Why are all these people watching these videos — these things I made just to figure out what I was thinking because I couldn’t sleep one night and because I’m not very damn happy about that unconscious bias stuff which I would regard as absolutely reprehensible, that you could be held guilty for your implicit perceptions, think about that.

God, they use that test as a diagnostic test, but it doesn’t meet the criteria for reliability and validity that you’d use for a diagnostic test. It doesn’t produce the same results one time after another. And you can use it to target anybody and so go along with it if you want just see what happens. Anyways.

So I’ve been thinking about this, what’s going on, why the outcry? You’d think “Well professor Peterson got his 15 minutes of fame.” Well I had my 15 minutes of trivial fame several times in my life. There’re some good things about it, but I am despite what you might think a rather private person and so it’s not like I’m particularly enjoying it.

But I thought something when I made those videos. I thought this is something I learned from reading mythology. If you have to fight a dragon you should go to its lair before it comes to your village. And so people think of what I did as courageous and I don’t think that’s right. I just think that I can see danger coming and you get to pick — you get to pick your anxiety.

I could be either anxious about speaking or I could be anxious about not speaking. And so I chose to be anxious about speaking, and that’s not exactly courage, it’s more like common sense. But that assumes you’re looking into the future, so you might say well what gives me any special power to look into the future and hey that’s a good question. I mean God only knows what’s going to happen in the next few years.

I did read today this is cool. 250,000 people will be lifted out of absolute poverty today and 300,000 more will be connected to electricity. And we’re knocking poverty rates around the world down faster by a huge margin than we ever have in human history.

There was an article in the New York Times today called “Why 2016 Was The Best Year Ever”; it’s really worth reading. I concluded the same thing, I worked for a UN committee a couple years ago and I was looking at what was going to happen about down the road. Everything I kept reading was well: Wow! We’re getting rid of polio, we’re getting rid of elephantiasis which you really don’t want to have, we’re getting rid of guinea worm, we’re getting rid of polio, we’re knocking malaria back into that swamps from where it comes, we’re lifting people out of poverty, it’s like man we’re doing a lot of great things, you’d sure never guess that by the way we treat ourselves.

So, anyways, so what’s going on? OK so I thought well I better think about this I’ve been thinking for a long time. So the right wing is really hard on the Frankfurt school — the Frankfurt school were these kind of neomarxists guys who combined Marxism with Freudianism in the 1940s and they were avowed neomarxist so it’s not like I’m making an accusation. And they were kind of anti-system type people and all of that.

But I think to lay what’s happening at the universities and in the broader culture itself at the feet of the Frankfurt school is insufficient. I really think that it’s primarily a consequence of the French intellectuals who — and this is obviously an oversimplification — who emerged out of Marxism in the early 1970s and produced post-modernism.

Now, the thing about the post-modernist types is they’re nested inside Marxism. They say that straight out, I’m not inventing this, you read Derrida who’s like the, the joker at the head of the post-modernist movement. And I mean joker because he’s an intellectual clown and that doesn’t mean he’s stupid because he is not stupid, not at all.

These people are not stupid, they know exactly what they’re doing. They know precisely what they’re doing. They’re a helluva lot more educated about what they’re doing than you are, unless you happen to be one of them. And they mean exactly what they say just like people always do when they tell you what they’re going to do, or they write it down. And they say straight out on their websites, say the women’s studies websites: “We think the patriarchy is an oppressive structure that should be broken down to its core.”

And they mean core conceptions, it’s not just social, it’s linguistic, philosophical, and attitudinal. It should be broken down and wiped out and restructured from the bottom up and they mean that. So, it’s not accidental any of this, and I know it sounds like a bloody paranoid conspiracy theory.

But I’ve always been of the idea especially from reading Jung that people don’t have ideas, ideas have people. And these are powerful ideas! There’s a good book called “Explaining Post-Modernism” that I might recommend by a guy named Steven R.C. Hicks. And his first chapter which isn’t very long is a good introduction to political correctness.

But so why do I think this is about that? Well here’s my reasons, I mean it doesn’t seem to be about me. I think all I did actually was actually make the general specific which is kind of what you have to do if you really want to make a point. A point! That’s one place if you want to make a point.

And my point was: I’m not saying made up words generated by post-modern neomarxists because I despise everything they stand for, and so I’m not using those damn words. And that’s that.

And it’s not like I have something against transgender people. I’m sure some of them are lovely people and some of them aren’t. And so they can do whatever they want as far as I’m concerned as long as they don’t — they can do whatever they want as far as I’m concerned as long as I’m not forced to go along with the most radical representatives of them who don’t even speak for them anyways!

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