Dr. Shah Rukh Khan’s Life Lessons Speech (Full Transcript)

Because tomorrow we will all be dead. And just in case there is no cycle of rebirth etc…why take a chance.

I don’t want to end this on a cynical note by reminding you about the reality of death. I want to let you all know that how important your today is…your now is.

Study hard. Work hard. Play harder. Don’t be bound by rules…don’t hurt anybody and never ever live somebody else’s dream. Remember however many times you go wrong, no matter how many times you fail, despair, feel like this world is against you….in the words of Bob Marley…at the end everything is gonna be alright.

And in my words. “Hindi filmon ki tarah life mein bhi, anth mein sab kuch theek ho jaata hai. Aur agar theek na ho, toh woh anth nahi hai…picture abhi baaki hai mere doston.”

So all your kids here, please take it as the only truth you need to know. In the end everything will be all right.

Take it and believe it because the most – and this I say honestly – the most unlikely actor to make it in Bollywood is telling you so…the most romantic hero who doesn’t look anything like chocolate or taste like it.

Thank you very much. I wish you all the best in your lives. These are the only life lessons I can give you.


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