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Emotional Intelligence: Using the Laws of Attraction by D. Ivan Young (Transcript)

Here’s the million-dollar solution to that.

First monitor what you think about. Your mind and — you know there’s a lot of theories around this concept. But I’m going to tell you this. Everything that is seen comes from that which was not seen. That chair you’re sitting in; the clothes you have on right now was somebody’s idea at one time.

Somebody figured out a long time ago guys should wear a tie. You know, we figured somehow that, you know, going on horses wasn’t enough. Maybe if I can build this contraption, I could fly like a bird.

Everything that we do started out in the unseen and someone called those things that are not as though they are and brought them into manifestation.

But here’s the catch for you and the solution. You must understand that conscious thinking is not your solution. Conscious thinking is typically reacting to some set of circumstances. It’s typically paying attention to that which is before you.

That subconscious thinking you will associate that with stuff like, have you ever driven home from work and you don’t even remember driving home, because something was just on your mind. Or you automatically get in the car and you just check for something without even paying attention to what you’re doing.

Your subconscious mind is the part of you that drives the outcomes in your life. As you learn to master being sensitive to circumstances, paying particular attention to the nuansical things, as we call it the little things.

If you stop worrying about what happened in the past and feeling guilty, or I have being anxious about what may or may not happen in the future and operate in right now you will train your subconscious mind to begin manifesting the things that you truly desire.

And a short way of putting this is everything in your life happens for a reason. Your responsibility is to look at these things in your life and ask this question: why now? Why is this person getting on my last nerve?

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Well, they’re probably getting on your nerves, because there’s some part of your character that is being reflected back to you through them that you need to work on. We get frustrated and angered and almost just discombobulated by that which we do not understand.

You have to be willing to take the time in every moment, every situation in your life and examine it for its meaning. You have to examine it for its purpose. You have to examine it to see what is this supposed to teach me right now.

In my practice, something that I constantly tell people that I’m either speaking to in lectures like this or even in my office is to stop being so reactive and become proactive.

Don’t wait to talk. Truly listen. Don’t just see things. Look at them. You know, when you hear something you’re perceiving it at the expense of all the white noise or the debris that surrounds it.

When you look at something, you are deliberately ignoring things that otherwise could distract you. It takes effort to be successful but the greatest effort is mastering how do you use your mind.

As we evolved — and I’m not getting into some religious stuff, so there will be no offering, you don’t have to panic — but we came from somewhere. We received of a greater source and conceived when our parents decided to confirm that.

But my belief is before we get here, we made a decision while we were coming. And we came to experience the contrast and the challenge that everyday life presents to us.

See, your Creator which you are a co-participant in that creation is smarter than you think. As a matter of fact, you can figure out exactly what everything means in your life by asking one question, one word: why.

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And it’s okay. You know even in dating, ladies, it’s good to look at a guy and say, well why are you here? What is it that you are supposed to teach me, and not thinking, he will probably tell you the truth.

The same thing is true about the things that you’re trying to court in your day-to-day life, in your career. Ask yourself why am I doing this? What is motivating me to do this? Why do I feel the way that I feel about what I’m doing? And you know you do not have to wait for an answer.

You can get an answer if you shut everything down, get in a quiet space, and simply meditate. And I don’t mean lotus position going ommm.

What I do mean is taking the time to be quiet, to be still, to allow your circumstances, to speak to you in such a way that it resonates at the core.

You remember, I said E – Motion. It’s kind of like that Geiger counter when you’re looking around for a metal object and the further away you get the farther away the chirps get. But the closer you get, the closer those chirps get.

And the way that you can parallel that to your spirit speaking to you is the better you feel about it the more you should do it. And if it doesn’t make sense to anyone but you, all the better.

Accept the facts but never ever confuse the facts with the truth. Seek the greater truth. You know, anything that anyone has ever done that has required more, caused that individual to confront themselves. They confronted their fears. They confronted other people. They confronted culture and had to make a decision that you know what you said I can’t, the system says I can’t, but something inside me says what, I can.

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