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Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s Keynote at F8 2017 Conference (Full Transcript)

The third thing is that financial services on Messenger are truly starting to find product market fit. From the Amex experience, that’s now richer and richer every day to PayPal which in the last couple of months has connected over a million accounts with Messenger and we have many more financial services experiences launching on Messenger just this week.

And like Ime shared earlier, your favorite artists and public figures are now also tapping onto the Messenger platform to reach their audience in a brand new way. And the list of companies and phenomenal brands on Messenger are continuing to increase by the day. We couldn’t be more honored to have all of you on our product. But none of that would be possible if it wasn’t for our kickass group of developers that has formed an unbelievable ecosystem around Messenger in the last 12 months.

Thanks to you, we’ve now more than doubled the number of messages exchanged between businesses and people to a whopping 2 billion messages a month, including automation that wasn’t even possible last year. And we now have over 100,000 bots on the platform, that’s up from 33,000 just last September; that’s crazy. And even better we have 100,000 amazing developers building for Messenger. So let’s hear from some of them.

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Awesome! What Phil said, “make something that’s magic”. We now have unbelievable brands and a thriving developer ecosystem on the platform but one thing we didn’t expect was how some of the experiences that you’ve all built have impacted the world in a very positive way. And I want to share one story with you.

This is Morad, he lives in Morocco and he’s one of Tarjimly’s 2000 volunteer translators. And this is a family of refugees that was helped by this incredible bot. Tarjimly was built to provide real-time translation services for refugees; it matches them with amazing people like Morad. And when they needed the most, those translators can actually even jump in on a video call and help for an urgent medical appointment, or a meeting with an attorney or simply buying produce at the market. Those use-cases can potentially save lives and provide mission critical services to the people who need it the most. These are my favorite examples of the impact of our work and when I say ‘our work’, I mean the work that all of you in this room and on the live cast have put on the Messenger platform in the last 12 months.

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But enough about the past, let’s talk about today and this year, because we have something really good to share with you — a few things actually. So last year was all about creating the foundation, learning a lot and iterating. And this year is the year of scale. And I’m glad to open this new chapter with the launch of Messenger Platform 2.0. We all come to Messenger to easily find and talk to over 1.2 billion people without ever needing a phone number. So when you come to think about it, Messenger has become the de facto white pages of messaging apps. And now with over 65 million businesses active on Facebook and nearly 20 million of them responding to messages every month, and our 100,000 active bots, we have a shot at becoming the yellow pages of messaging too. So this is why it’s time for us to invest in discovery.

And like Mark shared earlier, we’ve built a Discover tab inside of Messenger that will surface the best bots and businesses interactions you can have in your region and we’re going to work with you in the next coming weeks to ensure that we populate this tab and this new surface with the right things. So work with us, fill up the categories and the regions, your bot and experiences are actually live in and we’re going to go and start rolling this out very soon.

Now, the other thing we launched last year were Messenger Codes and as we all know now, scanning QR codes is not a thing in the West. But we’re going to give this another go. And what we’re going to do for this is actually introduce Parametric Codes and a better way to scan codes, you can now do this from the native messenger camera, no need to stumble around tabs and menus. And a great example of that is what you just saw from the Golden State Warriors which is an example of an experience that they’re going to have inside of their stadiums very soon. One bots, multiple codes, multiple experiences.

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Also, new to Platform 2.0 are Chat Extensions. So as you all know, right now experiences with businesses and bots on Messenger are mainly single player and one on one, and we want to change that with Chad Extensions, by empowering developers to bring their experiences inside of existing one on one or group conversations between people. So let me share one great example of that.

I’m really pumped to welcome Spotify on the platform. And Messenger — and music on Messenger is going to be a big thing this year. So let me show you how it works. You can open a drawer from our redesigned composer, tap on Spotify, search any song or artist you want and then when you’re ready to share it back in the tread, you can just tap it and share it just as easily as this; no more complex app switching and sharing flows and the best part of all of this: the music now plays live. Pretty cool, right?

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