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Fat Chance: Fructose 2.0 by Dr. Robert Lustig (Transcript)

So how does this work? So this actually is a redundancy from the previous YouTube video, so I apologize for that.

Obesity obeys the first law of thermodynamics 

It has to do with how you view the question of obesity and what does it mean. So of course obesity obeys the first law of thermodynamics, and I don’t argue that. The total energy inside a closed system remains constant. It’s a law.

If I didn’t believe in the first law of thermodynamics you’d have me written out on the rail, I’d be the ultimate heretic and zealot and I would be discredited. Of course I believe in the first law of thermodynamics, it’s a law.

The question is, as I’ve learned from my legal training, who’s truth, which interpretation. The Supreme Court always comes down 5-4 on everything, right, right? True, because there are two interpretations, I mean, basically that’s what the Supreme Court is for, interpreting the law, the law is the law, but the interpretation is something else.

So here are the two interpretations. If you eat it, you better burn it, or you’re going to store it. If that’s true, then this is a matter of energy balance — energy balance, that’s what everyone will tell you. And it’s the result of two aberrant behaviors, calories in – gluttony, calories out – sloth. And that’s what everybody assumes, is, if you’re obese, well you must eat too much or exercise too little, or both. And therefore, it’s your fault.

And that’s what we believe and to this day we still don’t have insurance for obesity, although just today, you know that the AMA finally said “obesity is a disease”. So it’s funny, because actually in 2004 HHS said obesity was a disease. It took the AMA 9 years to catch up with HHS, figure that out.

It’s based on this dogma, the dogma is, that if you eat more than you burn you’ll gain weight, if you eat less than you burn you’ll lose weight, because all calories are the same, a calorie is a calorie.

This is the biggest pile of you-know-what there is. This is absolute not true.

But if you believe it, then the corollaries of a calorie is a calorie are that this is free will, you get to choose what you get to put in your mouth, it’s personal responsibility because if you are obese you chose to be gluttony and sloth that is your problem and diet and exercise will fix it. And that’s what everyone believes from a calorie is a calorie.

Calorie is a Calorie?

And who says that a calorie is a calorie? Well the food industry says a calorie is a calorie, and that’s because it serves them well. So this is the fiction, this is Coca-Cola’s coming together video on YouTube released just before the Super Bowl, that says: “Beating obesity will take action by all of us based on one simple common sense fact”. Common sense fact, all calories count, no matter where they come from, including Coca-cola and everything else with calories, a calorie is a calorie. Why pick on Coca-Cola, why pick on Burger King, why pick on any individual because it serves them well, because it diffuses the issue.

So is that what we’ve got? We’ve just got a caloric bacchanalia? Oh, sorry, wait, this is wrong, that’s better. Indeed we are all eating more, I don’t argue that, 187 calories per day more for men, 335 calories per day more for women, 275 calories more per day for teen boys than 25 years ago. We are all eating more, I don’t argue that, of course we are, question is why.

Evolution of Fast Food

So you’d say, well this is why, this is the evolution of fast food over here. 1957 we had the original White Castle hamburger, 210 calories right there, 1 ounce. Over here we have today’s Bob’s Big Boy over here at 618 calories, and of course in the midst of the obesity epidemic Hardee’s had the temerity to offer us the Thickburger at 1420 calories and of course you can go to Carls’ Junior and get the 6$ burger, which is 2000 calories, that’s the entire caloric allotment for the day and people are proud to go do it, right?

How? Anybody here had a Trenta? Trenta, yes, no? Okay, so that’s this guy over here. So it’s not hot coffee, it’s a cold coffee drink flavored with you-know-what, and it is 916 cc. Well, your stomach is 900cc, it’s bigger than your stomach. So you’d say, well there’s your answer, Q.E.D, it’s all over right?

How about this? I love this, it’s came in the mail. “Free chicken sandwich from KFC with the purchase of a 30 ounce drink” The food’s gotten so cheap we’re are giving it away? That’s where we are. Or is it the opposite side of the equation? Is it an activity famine?

So this is a study that was done looking at physical activity here on the Y axis against age, 9-years old to 19-years old, for white girls and black girls, and you can see that by the time they hit age 15 the black girls are just lying prostrate on the floor, because there’s no physical activity whatsoever.

So you say, well there’s your answer, that’s why everyone’s obese because they’re eating too much and they’re exercising too little, gluttony and sloth, diet and exercise, just like common sense tells you.

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